Mindful Movement program

Mindful Movement

Wednesday Workshop 4 Weeks Series 

During the journey of the four weeks:

  • You will develop more ability for deep listening to your body’s wisdom.
  • You will enhance your ability to know how your intuition speaks to you.
  • You will grow a more trusting relationship with yourself, your body, your breath, and your intuitive knowledge.
  • You will become more clear in areas of life that you might feel confused or shaky in.
  • You will start to follow your Heart’s guidance more and more, discovering and forever choosing the path of unconditional acceptance for all of life that leads to joy!


Imagine what inhabiting your days with a full presence would offer you! 

Workshop Details:

June 7, 14, 21, and 28;  2023

6:30:00 – 8:00 p.m

Held at: Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

20 Cumming Street

Inwood, NY

*Bring your own mat.  Blocks and straps provided. Bringing your own blanket is optional.

Price for the Series:


Early Bird Special: $95 before or on May 22nd.

*After May 22 it is $125.

**No drop-ins in order to uphold the sacred and confidential space that we will co-create together(read more at the bottom).



Join Shawna Emerick, E-RYT, CPC, BS, in this specialized four week workshop series:

“To inhabit a full presence,” as Tara Brach said, is to be aware of your body.  The body is a wise portal for every experience we have ever had, will ever have, and are having right now, even as you read this!  So how do we become aware of our body?  How can we stay connected to it’s sensations, messages, and needs?  How can we embrace all aspects of experiencing life as lived through this one body that we will only ever have for this life, and learn how intricately connected to our hearts, minds, spirit and breath it truly is?

By offering it our living kindness, deep listening, and attention.  And that is what we will do together in this series, for being in community becomes another pillar and foundation for transformation. You are not alone, you belong.

Looking through the two lenses of non-harming (ahimsa) and loving-kindness (metta), we will approach the body, breath, mind, heart, and soul. 

The arch of 4 weeks:

*Meeting each through the lens of loving-kindness:

  1. Body + Breath, Week One (Earth)
  2. Soul + Intuition, Week Two (Water)
  3. Heart, Week Three (Air)
  4. Mind, Week Four (Fire)
Structure of the sessions:

Inhabit full body presence: Within the scope of one session, you will center, find an anchor in the breath or body, and then move. Movement is based on dance, yoga, somatics, and bioenergetic modalities made possible for all bodies. Throughout the movement, cues and self inquiry language will be offered for you to become more aware of the sensations, non-sensations, aches, pains, joys, pleasures, and messages of your body. One of the main goals, of you will, is to inhabit a full presence.

Guided Meditation: During the final relaxation portion of practice, guided meditation will be offered for you to further hold an inner, kind curiosity to process the physical wisdom, messages, sensations, and stories you had gathered.

Reflection time: A brief time for personal journaling will be offered here, so bring a pen and paper as well as your yoga mat.

Open circle space: As we will close the physical practice and guided meditation, we will then transition into open circle space. Within the scope of the closing half hour, you have the option to sit and listen to others’ experiences as they share, as well as have the option to share yours; and know that you can always pass. This time of circle space is meant for sharing and community. Silence will be held after each person’s share.  

Short Homework for next class: Supportive journal prompts, and actionable prompts for your week, will follow each session for you to continue in the practices leading up to the next session!

*Shawna may ask follow-up self inquiry questions of participants whose shares she feels will help them go deeper and get clear on what’s needed for their personal transformation.  Other participants will hold space for each other and themselves.

**It will be explained in the first meeting the guidelines and supportive structures for listening and sharing. This is why it is highly recommended to commit to all four sessions, along with your own personal and communal transformation.

Join Us:

I will be sharing the registration link soon. For now, please email me at shawnalight@gmail.com to express your interest.