Journey to the Peak Monthly Immersion

We’ve designed a monthly immersion that use four styles of asana to support you in becoming intrinsically more aware in your practice and on your path.

  • 12 Base monthly classes
  • Sunday Morning Special classes
  • Recorded classes, access for life!
  • Community and Private Facebook group
  • UNLIMITED access to ALL LIVE STREAMED CLASSES on BOTH Patrick’s and Shawna’s personal schedules! That’s over 30 classes a month.
  • Classes are live streamed and are posted within 24 hours to our app!
  • After your 2 FREE weeks it is only $88 a month, that’s less than $3 a class!



The Friends Pass!  Upon registering, you are able to give one friend two free classes to be used within the month!  One free class to be used by your friend for a live class with Patrick, and the other class to be used for a live class with myself, Shawna!


We’re trying to find a model that meets students where they’re at in their practice – whether physical or otherwise – and supports, also, where they wish to go.

Our mission is to make this an experience that facilitates and welcomes in all the different elements of a journey: pace, direction, navigation, pause, purpose, wonder, experience, resiliency, adaptability, enjoyment and more. We’re so excited to welcome you into what is now our ninth month, since starting in March of 2021! 

Each month, Patrick and I strategically create thematic and physical throughlines to guide you on the journey towards one dedicated “peak pose”.

What’s a peak pose? Great question. You may have been in a class before where a teacher was building the postures progressively towards one challenging apex posture – maybe an arm-balance, or an inversion. But really, any yoga pose could be a peak posture. It’s about the journey we take in preparing the body for the pose. Instead of using this model over the course of just one class, Journey to the Peak students will walk step by step, over the course of four weeks, to arrive at their expression of the monthly peak pose. 

That’s a really important point. Every one of us is coming to the yoga practice with a different biography and a different biology, so not all of our postures are going to look the same, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share a practice and be in a yoga community together. Both Patrick and I are trained extensively in offering modifications and variations to help you find the edge you’re ready for.

Once again, we’re passionate about meeting you where you are and supporting you in where you’re going.  Thank you for practicing with us!

What Patrick Brings:

Patrick brings a depth of passion and curiosity for all things yoga. He is passionate about empowering students to feel and learn the biomechanics of their own bodies and weaves a sense of humor and dharma into anatomically precise and inspired cueing. Patrick will teach the Hatha and Yin classes. For more information on Patrick please visit

What Shawna Brings:

Shawna brings an intuitive aspect and grounded force for you to be able to dance with your own unique rhythm; whether it’s variations within a physical flow, or supporting connection to your innate Self, she creates the container for exploration and self-study. She centers each class around a Spiritual wisdom to inform everything from the movements of the body to the movements of the breath, mind, heart, and soul. Shawna will teach the Vinyasa and Restorative classes. For more information on Shawna, please visit