The Common Denominator for Decision Making

Above is the picture depicting the Manipura Chakra, which is the energetic vortex, or wheel(chakra), for actions, courage, will power, and autonomy.  It lives physically at the area of our solar plexus, above the navel.  Its name means ‘lustrous gem’.  Its all about our vitality.  Courage to take action can come from here.  It’s why […]

Can’t Catch Your Breath?

Have you ever had a time in your life when you couldn’t catch your breath? You felt like your ‘head was under water’, or at best, you were ‘treading’? That’s how I felt recently. I did a minute of journaling and began to feel that my intention was to just “try to stay open”. Open […]

I Want You To Breathe This In!

“Do you already know that your existence-who and how you are- is in and of itself a contribution to the people and place around you?  Not after or because you do some particular thing, but simply the miracle of your life?”  Breathe that in for a few minutes. Let in marinade your bones, your flesh.  […]

This One Word Changed Everything!

Recently I took what my mind was seeing as a pretty substantial “risk”. The risk I took held a lot of fear inside. It was that fear of not having enough, for the risk I took was one where I was moving away from something that was bringing financial abundance. However, I knew I was […]