What can you expect in every class

The classes I lead become a sacred space, a sanctuary, and a home for you.  Within the intentions in every class, there is a space in which to contemplate lifes curiosities, magnificence, and doubts.  Spiritually infused words, quotes, texts, are used to support the contemplations as we move together.  The movement is created in relationship with the intention; the two becoming a moving exploration for feeling and embodying the emotions that are stirred.  Poses often become symbol and representative of an idea or theory.  The poses also respond back to the intention by evoking a feeling that the intention often carries.  As the mind watches the feelings, the body feels the movements, and heart pulses from breaths flow, the practice comes alive! 


As relationships with all layers of the Self are created, fear begins to fade.  To touch upon Ones Self as Source itself, becomes more available, and no longer myth, or that which is unobtainable.  Yoga happens.  And, it happens also because we are in a supportive community with each class, practicing beside other unique individuals, and yet, feeling our likeness.  Our breath becomes a guide and companion in the journey.  Breaths’ focus is always spoken to in the practice. 


All my classes, no matter the determined “level” or “style”, will always carry this description.  In order to feel more comfortable walking into one of my various classes, here is a little more insight into their physical differences(see below).  And, as I often say, remember this;  life is a vinyasa, life is a constant flow of your body with your breath, your mind, and your heart.  Practice those “sacred pauses” every day, on the mat, and off.  Practice moments of reflection, of breath, and stillness to connect within.

Class Descriptions

This stylized class involves incremental sequences of postures that build upon one another.  Whether you have been practicing only a short while‚ are a returning practitioner‚ or are a seasoned yogi‚ you will always be able to explore and move as deeply into the physical postures as much as you desire. Multiple variations on each posture and different options are always given‚ allowing you to challenge yourself‚ or go as gentle as needed. *

*If you are BRAND NEW to yoga, and have never taken a class, I suggest you start with the Gentle/Restorative or the Restorative classes.

A class for those who have been practicing yoga for at least 9 months or more on a weekly basis. Those wishing to deepen their practice‚ become stronger‚ and experience more advanced levels of physical postures. In this class‚ inversions, arm balances‚ and many other intermediate and advanced level asana are explored and integrated into flowing connections with breath and body‚ while keeping the deep centering intentions alive.  

A class for all levels of physicality and every body.  The first portion of the class is gentle movement.  Postures revolve around a physical theme that fits in with the spiritual intention.  We rarely stand up from the floor.  I support prop usage, such as blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps, and occasionally tennis balls and chairs.  The second portion of the class becomes fully Restorative yoga postures.  These are poses that are fully supported by use of props, breath, and focus.  While resting fully in the supported poses, guided focus for the consciousness and heart is offered.  Practitioners with physical conditions, those who are nursing an injury, those who have physical limitations, and those who are pregnant, or post-natal, are welcomed.*

*Please consult a physician if you are unsure if yoga might be for you.

A specific style of yoga in which I received a 200 Hour teacher training certificate.  This style is based on the system of the chakras. Chakras are the ‘wheels’ of energy within the body that contain the vital life force‚ Prana. These wheels of life force correlate to physical aspects‚ energetic‚ psychological, and emotional aspects within all of us. In Prana yoga we use the calling of the sounds of the chakras to experience what is present within. From this experience‚ you can begin to foster balance in life and start the healing transformation for your self and others.  All levels of practitioners welcomed.

Postures are fully supported by use of props, such as bolsters, blankets, straps, blocks, and eye pillows.  Resting deeply into each pose for a sweet amount of time, from 5-10 minutes or more, allows the full body to release into comfort.  A focus to breath is always present.  Guided focus, meditation, and breath work are used.  Occasionally, a gentle opening movement might be used to enable the body to be more comfortable and to let go more deeply in the restorative poses.  Every body is welcomed here.