Dear Self, Welcome Home:

A Healing-centered Yoga Retreat

At the Himalayan Institute

Honesdale, PA

It’s with an ecstatic heart that I’m honored to share that Liz Moyer and I will be offering a weekend-long retreat together.

A letter from Self to self…


Dear self, Welcome home. I’ve missed you.

I know we see each other from time to time, but with so much happening it seems less so these days.

And I get why. There’s such a sense of urgency in the air. It’s impossible to slow down. Our mind is constantly trying to figure everything out. How do we keep up? The world’s falling apart! Where do we belong?

  *Sigh…* It’s a lot.

On top of that we know what helps us feel better, but are often so resistant to give it to ourselves.

We know that being in nature helps us feel rooted; that moving our body helps us process energy that doesn’t have words; and that being with others helps us feel more whole.

But then comes the guilt. We think it’s “bougie” to do these things for ourselves. We believe others deserve it more than us so that we shouldn’t do it at all. That self-care is for the selfish.

But I must implore you, oh dear self, that practices like these aren’t just “self-care!” And they’re far from selfish…

They’re absolutely necessary to be the person you’re meant to be.

For when we come home to ourselves, to our True Selves, we are reacquainted with the wisdom we need to be truly helpful to our family, community and world.

We return to the compassionate knowing of our heart and fierce guidance of our Spirit to navigate trials and tribulations. We learn how to respond constructively to life’s adversities, instead of reacting and feeding unhealthy cycles. We widen our emotional palette to include more hues of colors, and our own self-awareness fuels a healing service that’s much needed in the world.

By coming home to our True Self, our presence becomes an offering to the world.

I’m so glad you’re choosing to come home.


Your Self

About the Retreat

Join us in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania at the Himalayan Institute to reconnect with your True Self in the blessed company of sacred community.

Our time together will weave yoga with emotional healing practices that invite you to slow down and feel what’s alive in your being. 


Gentle experiential exercises and healing Circles offer an opportunity to practice what you’re learning and bring home tools of self-awareness you can carry forward.

Rejuvenate in the spacious surroundings that Mother Nature has to offer, all 400 acres!  Feel supported by her natural unfolding as you more deeply connect with your own.


What’s Included: 

  • Yoga & embodiment practices
  • Meditation
  • Tools for emotional healing & self-awareness you can take home with you
  • Healing Circle
  • Fun and Laughter
  • An intimate gathering of people for deeper connections
  • Time for Rest
  • Healing Natural Surroundings
  • Bonfire options in between!

About the Faciltators

Shawna Emerick 

Shawna Emerick, E-RYT 200, YACEP, CPC, B.S.Dance, Thai therapist, Somatic integrator, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, has studied with the likes of Anodea Judith, Ph.D., Dr. Jeff Migdow, MD, Priti/Robin Ross, and many more. She has hosted numerous retreats including those at the world famous Garrison institute in Garrison, New York.  She has been featured twice on the “Enlighten: Uplift and Inspire” podcast as well as been faculty to many 200Hr. yoga teacher trainings throughout New York City. She has over 18 years experience guiding people in their physical practices and spiritual journeys. She comes from multiple lineage lines of heart-centered healers, givers, and hard workers and is grateful, humbled, and honored to be carrying on the traditions in her own unique ways.

Liz Moyer

Liz Moyer-Benferhat, RYT-200, MPA-DP, healing at a personal and collective levels is at the heart of her work. That’s why she has dedicated her life to the subtle interplay between how our inner transformation feeds the outer transformation needed in the world. Through We Heal For All, she offers Circles, resonant healing coaching, and education that brings more healing-centered practices into our work as change makers. She has had the privilege of studying with spiritual healers such as Ron Young and Anneke Lucas, neuroscience educators like Hilary Jacobs Hendel and Sarah Peyton, and evolutionary thought leaders like Otto Scharmer, Duane Elgin and Thomas Hubl.