This is the first year I am creating this container and I intend to make it a yearly sabbatical each August.  It is for those who wish to separate from social media for a month in order to create more space for themself.  For those who wish to nurture connections to nature as well as the social connections of the heart-to-heart kind; you know, over the phone, in person, in classes, instead of DM’s and comments!
  • We kick off Friday, August 2nd from 12-1pm ET with a live zoom opening ritual including a meet and greet.
  • We close Friday, August 30th from 3-4pm ET with a live zoom closing ritual. 
*Attendance is NOT required, recording for both events will be sent.
-The cost is only $47 for 4 WEEKS of abundant content!


*Once a week you will receive:
  1. A “Love Letter” of the week (an email from me).
  2. An Oracle Card pull for the group each week. *Add on a 60 minute intuitive private online session with me (extra cost).
  3. Private WhatsApp group chat for reflections, support, community, accountability and cheers.
  4. Weekly guided meditation (pre-recorded video).
  5. Weekly journal prompt for self-reflection.
  6. Weekly guided short movement practice (pre-recorded video).
  7. A mindfulness practice for the week to try on and explore as a daily practice.
The details:
-A WhatsApp group will keep us connected
-A home base of a Google Folder will hold all the meditations, movement practices, journal prompts, Oracle card pulls with pictures, and integrative practices to explore.  This way you can always go back (or repeat it all again any month you like!).
-If you wish to add an intuitively guided 60 minutes life coaching session you can!  For only $85,  usually $129.00.  That’s 34% OFF!  Online only sessions. 
Email to receive the discount. 
*You have until August 23rd to capture the private intuition session discount and you have 3 months in which to use it.