Thai Bodywork

Spaciousness, peace, calm, liquid, grounded, and flow:

No‚ I am not talking about my yoga classes here! I am talking about the feeling you can experience when you roll off my Thai Yoga mat and back into the world!

Clients have often exclaimed in slow‚ soft voices‚ how “balanced”, “refreshed”‚ “peaceful”‚ and “open” they feel after a session. From marathon runners in training‚ to retirees‚ and from specific medical conditions needing support‚ to the healing of the heart and mind‚ Thai Yoga Bodywork offers multiple purposes. Reasons to use it are numerous and it should not be seen as a frivolous special happening only on birthdays‚ but rather‚ as a necessary piece of the puzzle to keep balance in your life on an on-going basis!

THAI YOGA IS A THERAPEUTIC PRACTICE which enhances flexibility and circulation‚ relieves tension‚ anxiety and stress‚ and detoxifies the body. It creates a sense of peace and calm while improving and balancing the health of the physical‚ mental‚ and emotional bodies.

IT INTEGRATES PASSIVE STRETCHING WITH MASSAGE AND ACUPRESSURE techniques while working the “sen” lines (energetic lines) of your body. Thai Yoga is done on a mat on the floor with no oils or creams used. Loosely fitted clothing and socks required… you’re going to be moved in more ways than one!

Essential oils can be used in the session at no extra cost if you like!