404 Integrative Wellness Day


“I have had to learn to invite my broken heart to dine with me at the table. It is meaningless to run now. My broken heart is not a judgment or a crime. It is a detailed record of how I have tried to meet the violence of the world with as much openness as possible.”

-Lama Rod Owens, ‘Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation through Anger’

About the program:

So much is taking place in this world, and so much is taking place in each of our personal lives. The wide range of human emotions is vast, and I want you to know that you have the capacity to hold, release, and honor it all.  And you do not need to go it alone.

This is your invitation into circle space..

This time, for an urban day retreat  a ‘Kasa 404 Integrative Wellness Day’!  

What’s Included:

  • Opening and Closing Healing Circles

  • Nourishing Meal Created by Cumpanis NYC

  • Mindful Movement for All Bodies

  • Private 20min Shiatsu or Thai Massage session

  • Self-Care and Community-Care Practices (guided/prepared prompts & self-led)

  • Sauna

  • Soak Tub / Shower

  • Oracle Deck & Journaling Spaces throughout the Home

  • Spaces for Creative Expressions & Self-reflective Moments (think coloring, etc.)

  • Red Light Therapy in a place to Meditate

  • Kenbeki/Life-Pro Machine(Leg shaker for lymph flow and relaxation)

Program Details

Date: Sunday, 19 Nov, 2023

Location: It is a serene brownstone in the Mott Haven area of the South Bronx (exact location upon registration). 

Please note, there are narrow stairs in the home and one sweet, elusive cat.

Time: 12 – 5 pm

Price: Just $299 early bird until 11/11 !  Cost will be $349.00 after that. 

Class Availability: *Limited to 8 Women, so register TODAY!*


(click on “Kasa 404 Integrative Wellness Events & Day Retreat)

Yokasta’s quote reflecting the flavor of the retreat:

“They say grief is never done, it’s ongoing and comes in cycles; yet we still need intentional spaces to process it. Kasa 404 Integrative Wellness Events and Day Retreats aim to provide spaces to process grief while also collectively and in solitude focus on regenerative practices, deep rest, integrative wellness, and holistic nourishment.
Sometimes we do not know what to do with the information our bodies, mind, spirit, and emotions give us. So let’s break it down and start by listening to our own grief since it corresponds with autumn in 5 Element Chinese Medicine. Give yourself the opportunity to be accompanied in sensing your rage and grief (in its most expansive definition) and kindly listen to yourself and your body’s wisdom, as self-love comes first – and this is the beginning of self-care.”
-Rev. Yokasta

About Yokasta:

 Rev. Yokasta is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki & Holistic Health Practitioner & Facilitator and Owner of Kasa Healing

With love, 

Shawna Emerick

Breath and Believe