Call Upon Your Inner Bear!

Think back to a time when you acted fearless. Think back to a moment in your life when you were so confident that nothing would stop you.  Think to a moment in your life when you really stood up for your beliefs. Think to that moment where you stood up for someone else, took care […]

Hibernation for Healing

Hibernation for Healing a journey of storytelling and embodied experiences for processing change NOV 15, 2020 – FEB 20, 2021 with Liz Moyer & Shawna Emerick REGISTER HERE Join us for a 4-month journey of storytelling and embodied experiences to process the many forms of change occurring during this holiday season. From the personal to […]

M.A.D.E. Manifest!

Announcing my FIRST “Manifest Monthly: Yoga workshops to deepen your physical practice while giving back”! Our FIRST organization we will be supporting: ‘M.A.D.E. Transitional Services’! I had the great honor of meeting the founders of M.A.D.E.-Transitional Services, “Making A Difference Everyday”, through my dear friend and soul sister, Dr. Deborah Adamy.  At the time, she was […]

Stone and Moss/Soft Landings

Spirit had told me to go take a walk in the woods.  So, on a cold and overcast afternoon in late October I did just that. I happen to be in Garrison, New York, leading retreat and found a few moments to myself before leading the next class.  I took off my hiking boots and […]