Presence In The Micro Moments

For this past week’s intention I was watching how the universe was always sending me messages and how they were so beautifully woven into each other:   During our “Sunday Morning Special” class Patrick talked about how asana, postures, are a constant push and pull with gravity. And then I went over to find that […]

On Not Being One’s Self: Saucha

What happens when I’m not myself? Last week we explored being oneself. Is it possible to purely be yourself? Is it possible to be purely in the moment? Could being purely in the moment help us to be purely ourselves? And what might it offer us? Saucha in Sanskrit stands for “purity”.  It can also […]

On Being One’s Self

What would it be like to be your Self all the time? What could you imagine might happen? Mark Nepo wrote in his book “The Book of Awakening”, the following passage: “Like that old saying, “Water fills a hole,” the ways of others will fill the space we live in if we don’t feel that […]