Honoring & honing our source of strength

In My Own Words

Where do you draw your strength from? Are you having difficulty finding the strength to carry on? Feeling that what strength you do have isn’t enough to make the changes you envision for yourself and the world? As the season changes here in the northern hemisphere, I feel both the exhilarating energy that warmer weather […]

Overwhelm, acceptance, and a “how to” practice:

Last week’s intention came from a personal place of emotional overwhelm. Perhaps you’ve experienced moments of overwhelm too?  How did you ride the waves of emotions and feelings? How did it go? A new offering coming soon. I am inviting you into an offering I will be releasing into the world next week that can […]

Keeping Our Heart Open

Refections from JTTP’s theme on rebirth As I reflected on this past month’s ‘Journey to the Peak’ theme of “rebirth”, I see how a lot came through. I then stumbled upon and anatomically corrected emoji heart. This heart is what reminded me of our need to continually open our hearts.  Each breath becoming a rebirth, […]