Community and Not-self

β€œTo fully understand who I am and what I am capable of, I need to always see myself in terms of a community.”  -John Hunter, public school teacher I’m allowing myself to feel today instead of writing. But I’ll write to support understanding. πŸ˜‰ As I walked into the great cathedral of Good Shepherd Church […]

I am getting real here

If I am to ‘journey to self’, I feel there must be a willingness first. The willingness to actually be with myself. To take a look at myself. To get to know myself. If I am not willing, then there is no opportunity for change, healing, or growth.*I get real about this at the end […]

My retreat into ‘seeing clearly’ meditation

Oh where to begin? Last week’s Vipassana meditation retreat was life affirming and life shaking in the most positive way! Vipassana means “to see clearly” and it is a form of meditation for insight. In fact, it is often called insight meditation. So it is quite interesting that I got conjunctivitis, pink eye, on the […]