A Letter to Our Dear Self, On Coming Home

Yoga Retreat in June 2022 



In this blog I cover: 

  • The Importance of taking uninterrupted time out for ourselves 
  • What do I mean by ‘coming home to ourselves
  • A call to mine and Liz’s upcoming yoga retreat in June 2022. Click here for details.

Dear self,



Welcome home. I’ve missed you.



I know we see each other from time to time, but with so much happening in our life at such a rapid pace it seems  like I see you less so these days.


And I get why. There’s such a sense of urgency and stress in the air. Our mind is constantly trying to figure it all out. What do these changes mean for our life? How do we show up and be a good person? Where do we belong in this ever changing world? 




I understand. It’s a lot. 


On top of that we know what helps us feel calmer and more centered, but are often so resistant to give it to ourselves. 


We know that being in nature helps us feel rooted; that moving our body helps us process energy that doesn’t have words; and that being with others helps us feel more whole. 


But then comes the feelings of guilt and shame. We think it’s “bougie” to do these things for ourselves. We believe others deserve it more than us so that means we shouldn’t have it all. That self-care is for the selfish. 


But I must implore you, oh dear self, that this isn’t just “self-care!” And it’s far from selfish…


It’s absolutely necessary to be the person you’re meant to be. For when we come home to ourselves, to our True Selves, we are reacquainted with the wisdom we need to be truly helpful to our family, community and world. 


We return to the compassionate knowing of our heart and fierce guidance of our Spirit to navigate the trials and tribulations that ensue. We learn how to respond constructively to life’s adversities, instead of reacting and feeding unhealthy cycles. Our emotional palette begins to widen to include more hues of colors, and our own self-awareness fuels a healing service that’s much needed in the world.


By coming home to ourself we help our presence be an offering to the world.

I’m so glad you’re choosing to come home.



Your Self