Two in One: Playing Ketchup!

Ketchup, lol! Just a little levity for your day. “Catch-up” for two weeks of intentions; so, yes, it’s a little long, feel free to read in the span of two days! Two Weeks Ago: Michael J. Fox describes his approach to living with Parkinson’s disease in this way, “If I let it affect everything, it’s going […]

Grief, Sorrow, and Earth Day with Heart…

Rumi writes:“My heart is so small it’s almost invisible. How can you place such big sorrows in it? “Look,” he answered, “your eyes are even smaller, yet they behold the world.” Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes […]


This week we began class thru mantra to evoke and call in protection, peace, and abundance.  We used the Lashmiyei Swaha mantra, listen to it HERE!We were seated and simultaneously used the Abhaya Mudra, the gesture of ‘no fear’, click HERE!Here is some more on Lakshmi’s four arms, it is so beautiful! I often feel […]


Interrupt: Definition…1. Stop the continuous progress of (an activity or process)                  2. Break the continuity of (a line or surface) From an experience with this word hitting me in a deep energetic way, my mind then erupted with these words: Inter, erupt.Interrelated, interconnected.Erupt, rupture, eruption. Our lives […]

7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara Chakra

“Some say sahasrara is the seat of the Soul, an eternal and dimensionless witness that stays with us throughout lifetimes. Others say it is the point through which the Divine spark of Shiva enters the body and brings intelligence. It is the master processor of all awareness— the gateway to worlds beyond and worlds within, […]

6th Chakra/Third Eye/Ajna Chakra

“Opening the third eye allows us to see the big picture, transcend our egocentricity, and find the deeper meaning inherent in all things. As inner-sight develops, illusions are shattered, dreams are integrated, clarity begins, and consciousness extends yet another step beyond what was available through the lower 5 chakras alone. we now access the broad […]

Throat Chakra/Vissudha

First, Thank you!  WOW!  What a wonderful response in volunteers for my free offering of Intuition Readings.  I am now closing the doors to that offering for the time being. Those of you who have responded as of the release of this email, I will be in touch soon to set up a day and […]

4th Chakra/Heart Center/Anahata

I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL WE WERE ON THE HEART CHAKRA WHEN ALL OF THE STUDIOS MOVED TO LIVE STREAM CLASSES!  The Universe is GREAT! I put those letters in green because emerald green is the emanating color for the heart chakra; Happy St. Patrick’s Day too(I’m a little Irish)! The intention I hoped that everyone would […]

3rd Chakra/Manipura Chakra

I think all these chakra blogs might be long!  There is just SO much information on each one!  Entire books have been written on them, so I am going to keep doing my best to give you a strong overview.  May this information serve you in healing and empowering your life, as well as the […]

Second Chakra/Svadisthana

We are climbing the rainbow now!  If you want to review the first chakra, go HERE! Svadisthana chakra is the second chakra. Picture a warm orange glowing orb of light within your pelvis.  Your sacrum and lower abdomen, about two finger widths below your belly button is the abode of the second chakra.  And, it means […]