Without Reflections How Will We See?

+ January Schedule Update

If I have seem quiet in newsletters and social media, there is an intentional reason for it.  As most of you probably know, I set out to spend the Winter Solstice and the holidays turning inward and just being with my family. And though I haven’t been completely off the grid, I have been doing what I set out to do; rather, I have been ‘Being’ what I intended to do, which is just Be.


Reflections from 2021

I have been serious in my reflections and supporting myself by leaning into many of my coaches, Guides, and more.  All of them have invited me to look back at 2021 and write down all the incredible things I did, accomplishments, and anything good that happened.  At first thought my heart sinks, my throat tightens, my gut can’t even move because it’s so clinched and I roll my eyes because 2021 was harder for me than 2020 on many levels. 



Took time to just ‘Be’ this December 2021

I invite you, dear reader, to take two minutes and do this exercise.  I bet you will be surprised.  Write down all that was amazing for you in 2021. 


Now, how do you feel?  What do you notice in your body?  Your emotions?  Just observe before rushing on.

I did it, though hesitant, and I cried when I stopped writing and really looked back. 2021 was definitely one of my most transformational years ever, short of becoming a Yoga teacher and a mother.


My Professional Milestones in 2021

  • I boldly chose to navigate keeping my offerings going on my own platforms after all my long time yoga studios/homes closed after 11, 12, and 13 years of my time with them.
  • I received multiple offers to start yoga programs(Thank you Source and the people who asked; more with this, I am sure!!). 
  • Because of those above offers, and other tough experiences this year, my own path is becoming more clear as to how I am being Lead to serve.
  • I took the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Essentials course and it was EVERYTHING!  It brought my trilogy of yoga, Thai massage, and life coaching together with a methodology.
  • So, I started with a mentor form the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy family.
  • I said yes to collaborations that started life long friendships and that have turned into incredible communities!  THANK YOU Patrick Heffernan, ‘Journey to the Peak’ community, and Liz Moyer, ‘Steadiness within the Change’/’Hibernation for Healing’ and others!
  • I said yes to myself, was terrified, and did it anyway with 7 other women who trust me: I created ‘Inner Strength: Reclaiming the Power You’ve Always Had”, a 7 month sacred women’s journey for transformation, embodiment, sisterhood, and so much more.  Thank you to Krishna Dholakia of ‘Om and Spice‘, Lauren Mahana of ‘Magic on the Patio‘ podcast, and Kim Chestney of ‘Intuition Lab’ for being my powerful guest speakers!
  • I began offering ‘A.L.I.G.N.’ (alive, loving, imagined, Guided, nurture) one-on-one sessions. *More about this coming out next week!
  • I learned more than I ever thought I could about surrender.
  • I found a new core value: acknowledgement.
  • I found two incredible yoga business coaches and continue to find their work to be profound. THANK YOU Mado Hesselink and Nick Demos!
  • I hired a Virtual Assistant and learned I should have done this years ago! Juzbi Walia you are incredible!
  • Can we all just say we navigated another year of a pandemic? Yes.
  • And for me, navigating it with two young, awesome kids and one incredible husband. Grateful.

I have been using this holiday break to be in practice, Communion, quiet, my movement practices, and being with my family. I am grateful I have some more time and will be setting the intention for 2022 to be doing this type of self care more often and to drink more water.


Without reflection how will we see?  How would we become clear on where we are now, where we have been, and where we are going/want to go/Guided to go?  What have you learned that you are taking away from this past year, dear reader?

When we enter into these sacred practices we enter into the path.  The path of knowing, feeling, and seeing in the birds-eye-view of just how grace and love work in our lives.  How the divine always supports each of us.

Events That Challenged me in 2021

  • All the studios I taught at for over a decade each closed, and one was just this October.
  • Close loved ones passed away, as well as dear friends mothers passing away (3 loving mothers to three incredible families).
  • There were some very difficult moments that had me taking a long, HARD look at who I thought I was, what I stood for and how other people can affect life in unexpected ways and turn the mirror at you.
  • I got burnt out this month due to the business side of ‘being your own business’ (and I NEVER thought I would hit burn out because I practice and love what I do y’all!).
  • My kids got sick in the last quarter kind of hard.
  • Covid affected a family member (thank God they are fine
  • Feeling so uncertain and lost, afraid and small.

Now, it might not be your case that the challenges brought the most positive growth, but check in with yourself right now(because you are probably thinking about your challenges this year right now. What were your challenges this past year? 


What Challenges Can Teach Us

I really appreciated Nick Demos’s invitation to look at the challenges and ask where growth can happen from them moving forward.  If you want, dear reader, write the challenges you experienced and then feel into what positive transformations can come from them.  Might you have more empathy from them?  More clarity on your healthful boundaries?  More courage in your heart?  More assured way to speak from your authentic voice? 


What came of your challenges?  What came from them?  Look to both your external and internal worlds. Perhaps no one else can see the change, but you know the immense shifts that have happened inside your heart and Spirit!


I am so thankful to each of YOU through this past year!  To say I wouldn’t be hear without you is the truth, so much gratitude on my heart for each of you…I’m also thinking of the term ubuntu.


Ubuntu (Zulu pronunciation: [ùɓúntʼù])[1] is a NguniBantu term meaning “humanity”. It is sometimes translated as “I am because we are” (also “I am because you are”),[2] or “humanity towards others” (in Zuluumuntu ngumuntu ngabantu). In Xhosa, the latter term is used, but is often meant in a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity” -Wikipedia, ubuntu


This is the Truth of my Work

This is the truth of my work. When you heal, we all heal. When I heal, we all heal. We are all one, one Energy, one Love.
I will forever continue to help others heal.  It is my life’s purpose; to support others in feeling their worth, knowing they have a right to be here, that they are loved and are full of possibility.

And I sometimes feel like I am just getting started in all of what I have to offer.  I have been stepping into some new work, as a few of you already know, but not most.  I will be calling upon anyone who might be interested and willing to help me better learn how to help others in the next week, so watch for my follow up email to this one.


New Classes from January 2022

Thank you everyone who filled out my survey! It really did help me in making these changes! I will be planning a retreat too(when I see Omicron backing off!



My new classes and timings for January 2022

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  
Happy New Year!
Many blessings for abundance in health, finances, love, laughter, growth, fun, and peace!