Doing things that serves us (despite the nerves)

As I prepare for a week of silence and meditation, and in an  attempt to do this while still living at home and taking the kids to school and picking them up, I’m feeling a lot of things.  Thank you for indulging me and sharing and also part of this is for you!…

Can I do this? How will it go? How will I be? What will I feel? What will I come to learn and know? What might change?

I feel a lot of anticipation and excitement. I also feel butterflies in my stomach. I do feel as if I’m preparing to leave my family for a week, but I know logically that I’m not leaving my home. It’s an interesting feeling. I know I will meet this feeling in April when I leave to go lead retreat in Costa Rica with my dear friend Amy Soucy.

I just took a deep breath. And that felt really good. I’m always so grateful for all these practices that ground me in any given moment.


I’m excited to know that I can’t turn to my phone, nor check my email, nor connect through text for the duration of the week. This also does sound a little daunting and scary in the forefront because I know what my habits are. And, of course, I am hoping that this week will start to reinforce some new habits that I can commit to moving forward.

I want to acknowledge how privileged all of this is. That I have the ability to take a week off from work. That I have the money to pay for this week’s program. That I have the time and also the support to do this.

I also pray, and I’m getting a little teary-eyed now, that as I do this I don’t lose sight of, but rather keep gratitude for all of those who have brought me to the point where I am right now. And gratitude to each of you, and to all my teachers.

I also pray that this week serves not only myself but ultimately serves through me to each of you, to my clients, to my family, and to all beings, the planet and the world. 🌎

I’m grateful to myself; as difficult as it is sometimes as a mother, a partner, daughter, sister, and caretaker, but I’m grateful to myself for doing this. It’s just kind of plain and simple like that, and yet it’s not so simple at times to take the time to do the things we wish to do, or to do the things that we know are really going to serve us. It’s worth it. 

I think I’m ready to dive in. Fearful, but more giddy and excited about this experience I am embarking on. Meeting teachers I’ve never worked with before, being a student with others I’ve never met before, and gathering in space in such a way that is meant to serve all.  

So, if you are nervous, like me, about anything:

-take a deep breath

-acknowledge what you have

-acknowledge how you feel

-pull in gratitude


-remember your Highest Self 

-option to write about it, or share it with another you trust

-think about, or call upon your supports 

-give it up to the Universe/Trust the unknown

-if it is resonant, dive in and take the risk!

– pick and choose any from above and also feel free to add your own 🥰

Thanks for listening!  Hopefully right now, as you read this (and it will have been written before I enter into meditation), I will be somewhere in the ethereal realm connecting with the Divine!  Know that I am beaming love at you and still at home, lol! 💞


All my love,


Breathe and Believe.