Inner Strength Women’s Program

Reclaiming the Power You’ve Always Had

How are you truly feeling right now?

Have you lost the connection to your True Self, your True Home?  And are you judging/blaming yourself for the lost connection on top of the disconnect? Are you ready to live with less doubt and constant questioning? 

Do you feel stifled and unfulfilled because you KNOW you have purpose and potential that you just haven’t lived into yet? Are you ready to remember your ‘Inner Strength’ in order to take that next step; because it’s not the size of the step that matters, its the movement?!


Never before would I have felt prepared to give over to the Universe in such a way, to trust where I am being Guided, and to step into the Light of who I am with more clarity than now. With total love, faith, and desire to take action, I am ready!  And, it’s all because of the discomfort. 

Thank you shadows/wounds/traumas. 

Thank you to all the stories that integrate into a beautiful song to sing me to my True Home within.


I believe you have the strength already!  I believe you can also develop the courage to turn inward and face the darkness.  You can engage with each moment and stay open to possibility.  You can choose to live and love wholeheartedly.  I feel it in my body, that you can not only build your own ‘Inner Strength’, but also be nurturing the strength of the ‘village’ around you.  And then, allow yourself to receive the unconditional love of the community that we will be creating together.  This is to be in good relation with all.  Let’s build not only our own ‘Inner Strength’, but a powerful cohort that builds each other up as we build ourselves up!

“Inner Strength: Reclaiming the Power You’ve Always Had” is going to support you to:

  • Learn how to align with your most authentic Self.
  • Be able to say yes to yourself.
  • Be able to create healthful boundaries without feeling guilt.
  • Let go of shame.
  • Build physical strength and flexibility.
  • Build the strong foundations within yourself to be able to handle whatever life throws you.
  • Discover your Innate ability for resilience.
  • Uncovering your Special Tokens/Super Powers/Practices that will serve you for a lifetime!
  • Create the Future Vision your Heart desires.
  • Begin movement towards that Vision!
  • Trust Your Intuition.
  • Release self doubt and step into good relationship with yourself and others!
  • Integrate and assimilate body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul.
  • Emerge into your MOST Authentic Self, living from that space each day!
  • Have a strong community of support and love around you.

This 7 month journey is divinely guided, lovingly facilitated, and heart inspired!


The circle will be limited to a small number of women.

“Inner Strength: Reclaiming the Power You’ve Always Had” will integrate these components and more:

  • 2 one-on-one “A.L.I.G.N.” sessions with me.  A: alive, L: loving, I: imagining, G: guided, N: nurturing.  In these sessions, multiple modalities can be used to support you; from life coaching to Yoga therapy, intuition to tarot, and others.  One session to be done at beginning of the journey.
  • Continual Support from me.  Unlimited emailing and texting.  *Response time may be a bit longer throughout the holidays.
  • Monthly Theme/intention to support self-study and inquiry.
  • Bi-Monthly Yoga practice to help build your physical strength and flexibility so you can integrate your ‘inner strength’ on the somatic level.  The intentions will be guided by both myself, and from what the sisterhood needs/wants at any given time.  These will always be recorded.  Recordings are yours to keep for life, and you are inspired to use them daily!
  • Bi-Monthly community gatherings/healing circles that will have either a Yogic or somatic therapy practice, and time for sharing/storytelling/processing and supporting each other in whatever aspect we each will need.  I will be using aspects of the ‘We Heal for All’ healing circle methods and always using centering rituals.
  • Community, community, and community.  A private Facebook group will be used to keep us connected.  *If most women prefer a different platform, we can be flexible to what all can use.
  • Partnering for Purpose.  Everyone will be given a sister to add for their growth, development, and support.
  • Pillars of Yoga and Yoga philosophy, as well as other resources, articles, podcasts, and information as it may apply.
  • How to use the Chakras and Evoke Godesses for Self-inquiry, stepping into Your Light, creating better relationships, and remembering who you are Innately, while applying the information towards your future Visions!
  • “Homework” to support the shadow work, emergence, and transformation within you.  Examples: journaling, mantra, mudra, and actionable items designed specifically for you to take your ‘Inner Strength’ off your mat and into everyday life.  Personalized physical practice recommendations also offered if desired.
  • Other fun things and rituals!  I’m thinking playlists, dancing, poetry, who knows!