First Chakra, Muladhara

Muladhara Chakra, as seen above with its Bij Mantra(Seed sound), emanating vibration color, specified number of petals to its Lotus flower, is the first of the seven main wheels of life force spinning within all of us. Chakra, pronounced with a hard “ch”, like ‘chalk’, means wheel or disk.  These are energetic centers of organization that receive, assimilate, and express prana(life force/chi/ki).  They live within the subtle layer of our bodies, our energetic bodies, yet do have correlations to a myriad of things within our physical bodies. For example, the first chakra pertains to our feet, legs, and pelvic floor, as well as our coccygeal plexus.  

There are HUNDREDS of things associated with each of the seven main energy portals.  They are portals between our inner and outer realms, as I call them.  They cannot be seen by the physical eye, but they can we felt and experienced in all levels of our being.  Their energy might come up as a tingling, a numbness, and a whole vast array of expressions, even happenings like visions, colors, sounds, and feelings can come up.  They are a system thru which we can heal ourselves, work with all that lives within us and around us, and to begin the journey towards balance, peace, and fluidity in all aspects of our lives! 

So, one IMPORTANT thing to remember, is that even though we are going thru each of the main chakras separately, they dance and interact with each other.  This means, for your best assessment upon your Self for healing, remember to look to the Whole of the system.  And then, may you remember yourself as Whole.  Work with each chakra as you need, and know you can work with two together, or a few together, and even the whole system together.  You can balance your own chakras!  And, you can send the essence of a chakra to someone or someplace that is need of that energy!

Also keep in mind that you may be balanced in one are of a chakra, and out of balance in another aspect of the same chakra.  We talk about a chakras “charge” in bioenergetic languages, meaning, you may feel an excess of energy and life force in one aspect of a chakra, and in another aspect of the same chakra, you might feel depleted.  How will you know what you have?  USE YOUR OWN INTUITION!  Start to trust your intuition, and in working with your intuition thru the chakras, you will also be building your intuitive capabilities! lol, its all a win-win. 😉

A great place to start is your body.  Take a moment, sit still, and breathe.  Now, how do your feet feel?  Want to run?  Want to do yoga?  Want to rest with your legs up the wall?  How does your stomach feel?  Hungry? (Get a snack and keep reading!)  Thirsty?  How does your Spiritual heart feel?  This is a more subtle body, or prana body question, but how does it feel?  Is your chest tight?  Take a deep breath.  Is your chest feeling “full of light and love”?  I think you’re getting my point now. To listen to your body. It holds great wisdom and will always share that wisdom with you.  These questions bring you to embody what you are feeling and experiencing in the moment. It is this listening to our bodies intuition that is a great place to begin the journey. Also because the first chakra IS your body!  Your physical body.  First chakra pertains to the feet, legs, and pelvic floor, but it embodies your entire physical form.  

First chakra is all about survival, physical health, materialism, grounding, trust, stability, and prosperity.  So, you can imagine eating healthfully, exercising, doing breath work, and more, are all great actions you can take to support health in your first chakra. And there’s the first chakra word, ‘support’!  Muladhara Chakra, “root support” wheel of life force.

More aspects of the first chakra are:
-The right to be here.
-The right to have.
-Its “shadow” side is fear.
-Element related to muladhara chakra is Earth.
-Animals are the elephant and ox.
-Vowel, emanating sound, of first chakra is the long “o”, like in ‘home’, or ‘hope’, which happen to be two more first chakra words!
-Bij mantra for first chakra is “Lam”, pronounced like “lum”. Repeat it in your minds eye to bring universal life force into you muladhara chakra.
-Development stage of life is in utero and until about the age of around 12 months; but it can be focused upon again when we leave home, or when we loose stable foundations in our lives.  It could even be when we travel because we need to make sure our basic survival needs will be met.
-Excessive qualities are heaviness, monotony, hoarding, materialism, greed, fear of change, rigid boundaries. So, you would work to move energy out from this chakra, such as using its vowel sound.
-Depleted qualities can show up as restlessness, fearful, undisciplined, spacey, poor boundaries.
Roots can mean your physical form, and it can mean your family ancestry, your past memories, and even your own inner foundations. What “support systems” have you implemented in your life so that you feel you are safe and welcomed and always supported in this world?  Is it family, friends, a garden you tend to, and supportive affirmations you speak to yourself?  I hope so.  May you always remember how the Universe supports you always! Perhaps you use the seed sound, bij mantra, of this chakra to bring energy into it.

Here are some first chakra affirmations as offered by Anodea Judith, whom I have studied under and who has written many great books on the chakras;
“I am Here and I am Real”
“I am immersed in abundance”
“I love my body and trust its wisdom”
“It is safe for me to be here”
“The Earth supports me and meets my needs”

There is SO much more we went thru in our classes, and SO much more I could write here, but for now, I just want to get your “wheels” turning! Like how I did that, lol! 😉

Here are some ideas you might implement this week to support your root suport:
1. Practice trust. Whether towards yourself, your intuition, or someone else.
2. Listen to your body.
3. Nourish ALL your senses in one way or another.
4. Dive into your family history.
5. Create a healthful boundary where you need one.
6. Do something that you have wanted to do but are afraid to do.
7. The bioenergetic experiences we used in the classes.
8. Try my meditation below that came to me in my Saturday restorative yoga class!:

Muladhara Meditation:
Get quiet. If possible, ly down and let your body rest. Close your eyes.
Physically let go.  Allow all your muscles to release, and enjoy the weight of your body on the Earth.  Let gravity be your grounding friend for a moment. 
Begin to take long deep breaths, experiencing the energy of these breaths within your whole self.
In your minds eye, as best you can, imagine yourself as an infant.  Precious, new, tiny, and peaceful.
You are swaddled in a blanket made of the cosmos, and the stars are softly singing your name like a lullaby.  You are a seed of possibility and hope.  You are light and love itself as the Universe cradles you in its arms.  Breathe deeply, and rest in its safe support.
Rest here as long as you need, envisioning the blanket of the cosmos and watching yourself as the precious, little one that you are, and will always be.  
When you feel a natural ending, give thanks to the Universe for such support, and give thanks to yourself for your efforts in giving love to your first chakra.

If you ever need support from me, let me know. 🙂
Let me know how your journey goes!  And, let me know if you would ever want to go even deeper in the chakras with me?!  I have an idea that is brewing, so give me some feedback and let me know if you would join me in that deeper dive.

This newsletter was already too long, so if you wanted any of the quotes from class, email me privately with the essence of the one you wanted and I will send it. 

Breathe and Believe.