Getting real and remembering who we are

Sam Smith's "Love me more"

Getting Real:

A brief note this week and just getting real. 😉

I hope it supports you!  Read to the bottom for a very fun community call to action!

I’m gonna be honest, last week was rough.  I thought I was SO prepared for school with the kids even as I was getting over a little cold and having my Moon cycle all at once. 

Can I get a break?  Have you ever felt that way?

Well, then more hits. Somehow I missed (and didn’t remember from last year) the fact that Quinn only has a 9-10:30am schedule for the first two days of school!  Big opps, and I had to reschedule two clients.  They understood and were so forgiving and gracious.

Why can’t I be as forgiving to myself (keep reading)?  What’s the dissonance?  What’s the distance of space I am needing to navigate to meet my heart and humanness?  

Oh yeah, I remember that I haven’t asked myself what’s missing lately?  What haven’t I done lately that nourishes me?

And of course, the good questions:

How am I?  What do I need?

How are you, dear reader?  What do you need?

Last week I drew upon a lot of my inner resources and tools to support myself; they aren’t anything I hide, in fact they are ones I teach.  I played a lot of my favorite music in my ears to remind my mind and heart of how expansive and wide life is!  

It always grounds me right to my heart. It reminds me, in a loving way, that others are going through similar things.  

I lose the feeling of separation and remember my connection to everyone and all of life. I step out of the “trance”, as Tara Brach calls it, and come back to the love that life is always giving. 

*BTW, this is totally possible.  Don’t believe me? Join some or all of my programs coming this fall!  News coming out in the next week or two at the latest.

I made it through!  And when I look back now, I forgive myself. For the moments when I was telling myself that I was failing and not enough. The internal dialogue that I am failing as a mother, a parent, a partner, a friend, a daughter, a healer, a human being. Forgiving myself for all the moments I told myself I couldn’t handle things and I am not doing good. 

I release the negative and remember my innate goodness. Beyond what I do, say, or accomplish or not, my innate goodness shines. It lives in me because it is me. 

This is not an excuse.  This innate goodness is not an excuse to not show up, to not try, to not forgive, and to bypass action, love, and courage. Nope…rather…

Your innate goodness is a reminder that you are enough. 

As you “struggle” and grapple with whatever life has for you, you are doing it!  You’re in it.  AND, no matter what, life loves you, believes in you.  

As Ram Das said, “You are not who you think you are”.  I love this quote. It tickles my brain and feeds my heart.  It reminds me I am more than those pesky thoughts that tell me I suck. I don’t! You don’t!

I love you!  You got this!

No, WE got this!!!

Especially on this day of September 11th, may we remember our interconnection to all things. May we support each other as we support ourselves.  May we love one another as we grow more into loving ourselves. 

Before I go / the call to action!:

You might be wondering why there is a picture of Sam Smith here. Well, their song, “Love me More” is one of the songs on my playlist that lifts me up!

Listen here:

AND, check out their bass player, Julia Adamy!! I got to watch her do her thing LIVE at the Sam Smith concert a few weeks back at Madison Square Garden thanks to her mom, and my dearest friend, Dr. Deborah Adamy!  Check out ‘Mama A’s’ podcast “Enlighten: Uplift & Inspire” for uplifting and inspiring stories! Listen here:

What lifts you up?  Write to me about it!

What songs lift you up?  Share it! I will build a community playlist on Spotify of all the songs you submit! I will send it in next week’s blog! If no one submits, I might just send you mine, lol!




Breathe and Believe.