For many, the holidays can stir up anxiety and stress.  Travel, family, time with too many people, or too much time alone.  It can get overwhelming and all feel like too much.

However, YOUR well being is a top priority.  It is non-negotiable when it comes to support for your body, mind, emotions, and heart!  If it feels like a struggle to take the actions to support yourself, you only have to do one thing: come to Fort Washington Collegiate church every Tuesday evening, starting Nov. 28th and going through Dec. 19th.  We will focus on healing seasonal trauma and challenges that arise during this time.


In this FREE 4 week healing journey you will experience:

  • Centering practices
  • Breath work
  • Mindful Movement of the body
  • Music
  • Journaling
  • Group Circle Space to Share (sharing always optional)
  • And, some fun and creative ways to lift your spirit

The week’s themes:  HOPE, LOVE, JOY, and PEACE.

I am INCREDIBLY honored to be working inside this program each week!  The two wonderful women who co-created this incredible four week series share my passion for serving others, healing, growth, and love.  They are the Rev. Dinean Davis, Director of Ministries at Fort Washington Collegiate Church, and Rachel Chenoa J, founder of the Speak Initiative Suicide Prevention.  They, too, will be part of each week as well as guest community healers who specialize in their craft.

Together, the three of us, with special guests and YOU, will create a sacred space where all is welcomed. You are welcomed. 


LOCATION: Fort Washington Collegiate Church 729 West 181st Street New York, NY, 10033

*Second Floor, elevator accessible.  Room 208.

*A train or 1 train to 181st Street. M4, M5, M98 bus to 181st Street. Other Bronx buses nearby.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED – Please email Shawna at

-At time of email registration, you will then receive a short google form that is the waiver.

Bring:, water, and yoga mat.  *Email me if you need a mat! And wear comfy clothes!