Source of Strength 

July 12th to August 2nd

ūüíó Curriculum down below.¬†
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In case you need a reminder…

You have no idea just how powerful you are!

How did that make you feel? How did your body react?

You can navigate today’s world and your own inner world with compassion, strength, love and mindful action.¬†

What does that statement cause you to think/feel?


You are empathetic, sensitive, in-tune with all the suffering in the world and that can be so heavy.  And, you have your own life you are living simultaneously.  Family who needs you, friends, work, maybe even school, relationships, possibly kids, let alone your own inner chatter of your mind.  


It’s a lot to hold all at once. But, what I do know about you, is that you can. Period. And, I am deeply grateful for you because you care so much!

You are powerful beyond measure with a ‘Source of Strength’ that is infinite within you. It is your Authentic Self.


But sometimes we forget our power, especially when we feel burdened by life’s challenges or experience¬†

monotony and lifelessness in our day-to-day routines. This is simply human. And in times like this, we need

connection, inspiration and a set of tools such as holistic wellness practices to help us remember who we are. 

And this is why I created Source of Strength. 

I want you to join me and others for four weeks to connect to that place inside you. No matter if you can join live on zoom or not, you can join! 

We will move together, breathe together, and commune together. Sharing concerns, sharing stories, sharing triumphs, and processing it all in sacred space.


We share and it becomes an embodied expression of our deepest desires.  We share and it becomes an embodiment of our True Nature.  

We come together to acknowledge the brave Spirit in each of us, and that includes you!


For 4 weeks, we meet live every Tuesday, 9:15-10:15am on zoom for movement, breath, meditation and communing with Self and each other. Sharing, processing, and possibility for group coaching to happen here. Simply by being you, you can support moving the Collective towards a more understanding and caring world!  Start with yourself now. Start with yourSelf here. 

4 weeks to move, breathe, share, love, and get clear on knowing that you are powerful and possible.  

  • Movement and meditation is recorded and yours for life. Sharing is not recorded.¬†
  • Private FB group for Shawna to go live with extra goodies/thoughts/inquiries; for community to share struggles and share uplifting moments; to stay connected, grounded, and inspired.

*This is why you can join even if you can’t make the live classes; do the recordings and still join the online conversations.¬†

  • Weekly prompts/questions sent to hold in your heart as you navigate the outer world and your inner realms.
  • Weekly supportive mudra and mantras sent to uplift yourself at anytime and anywhere,¬†possibly an outdoor gathering to close, TBD.¬†

With all my love,

Shawna Emerick

Breathe and Believe