As the days passed, the anxiety rose. This is when she paused. 

That “sacred pause” that has the ability to acknowledge the truth of what is.  The breath that has the power to reveal the truth of the heart.  The feeling moment that evokes clarity despite the uncertain.

How did she know to pause and breathe?  Because she had finally become aware and awake.

Aware that she was not breathing, running around in her head with only worry, picking the skin around her nails, chin down, and heart closed.  Her awareness allowed her to see just how much fear, doubt, anxiety, and urgency were running her life, not her own Self!  

She was doubting herself and the Universe.

This wasn’t how she wanted to live.  She knew a better way was possible, but how?

Here’s HOW!…  

To start living the life YOU desire through embodiment of your truest self is going to support you in making the deep inner shifts to feed a blossoming life!  AND, It’s simpler than what you might think… 

You don’t need:

  • “Time” to connect to yourself (You can do it right now!)
  • “Space” (You don’t need a special physical space to be, you can connect to yourself right where you are! And, you don’t need to “clear your mind blank,” you can notice what’s there and feel it.)
  • “Freedom from all stress” in life (It’s not about “when I finish this/accomplish that” and it’s not about “when I get a moment”, it’s not “when this situation is resolved”, it’s about right now!) 


Practicing kind awareness of yourself shifts every aspect of your life.  It is all about showing up for yourself and knowing it truly does start with you.

You need to: 

  • Re-member that you are worth it.
  • Acknowledge the doubt, fear, and uncertainty while integrating and alchemizing them for transformation.
  • Honor yourself, acknowledge yourself, celebrate yourself, and take care of yourself just as much as anyone else.
  • Remember what you want, how you want to feel everyday, and what you hope for in your life.


That’s how my women and I are achieving living authentically, speaking from our true voices, and embodying what we feel in our hearts.

INNER STRENGTH will support you to/and do so by using:

  • Draw out your deepest womanly wisdoms, knowings, and intuitions for powerful use; doing this by offering yourself attention, kindness, and deep listening.


  • Be and act in ways aligned with your heart; doing this through practice of inner reflection, self-inquiry, and self-compassion.


  • Become a more embodied woman; exploring movement of your body, as it is one of your best tools you have on this journey of life.


  • Cultivate compassionate self awareness in your everyday life; group coaching supports actionable steps to do so and upholds accountability.


  • Build and set the inner foundations to navigate the challenging journey of life; have your power uplifted in community as you lift others up.


  • Cultivate deeper relationships with yourself and others; mindfulness practices of both informal and formal practices are key for positive change and, by starting with yourself, you learn how to be with others.

This 14 week journey is divinely guided, lovingly facilitated, and heart inspired!

The circle will be kept to 8 women for intimacy, connection, and personalized support!

Inner Strength will integrate these components:

  • 1 private “A.L.I.G.N.” session with me.  A: alive, L: loving, I: imagining, G: guided, N: nurturing.  In these sessions, multiple modalities can be used to support you; from life coaching to Yoga, intuition to tarot, and others.  To be used at any time during the program or the month before or after.
  • A Special Kick-off Online Only Event.
  • Bi-Weekly healing circles done online.
  • A Special Closing Event done in-person and online.
  • Continual Support from me.  Unlimited emailing and texting.  *Response time usually within the same day, except if I am away.
  • Themes and intentions to support self-study and reflection; weaving in seasonal themes as well as staying open to where the group energy informs the program.
  • Somatic Practices to help integrate challenges and strengths of your life on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.
  • Community, community, and community.  Healing circles, gatherings, and a private WhatsApp thread will be used to support deeper connections.
  • Resources such as articles, podcasts, and information as it may apply will be offered; this may also include recordings of Shawna’s past and present work, as well as making specialized recordings for the group as needed.
  • “Homework” to support the shadow work, emergence, and transformation within you.  Examples: journaling, mantra, mudra, and actionable items designed specifically for you to take your ‘Inner Strength’ off your mat and into everyday life.  
  • Other fun things and rituals!  I’m thinking playlists, dancing, poetry, who knows! 

Join us! Details and Dates:

  • March 16th is the Saturday Kick-off Gathering!  12-2pm ET online.
  • We then meet every other Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm ET, starting March 20th and going until June 12th.
  • June 15th is the Special Closing Weekend Gathering from 12-2pm in-person AND online!  Location TBD.

This program is more than just the gatherings, it’s about the spirit of awareness, compassion, connection, and real change. It is hard to quantify such energy and yet if we did:

  1. One ‘A.L.I.G.N.’ session would be $195.00
  2. Opening and closing special event workshops would be $195.00 each, $390.00 combined
  3. All 7 Wednesday evening healing circles would be $125.00 each, $875.00 combined

“Inner Strength” Program is valued at $1,460.00

Today, You can join for just $997.00 when you pay in full! Giving you almost a $200 savings from making payments and nearly $500 savings off the valued rate, that you can gift back to yourself for committing to your growth!

Or, make five payments of $237.00 over five months before, during, and after the program, still receiving a $275 discount off of the valued price!

Here’s what women have said: 

“I learned that creativity and love make me feel grounded. I am finding my voice and I felt very supported.” -Katie S. 

“(Something I am taking away with me from this experience is) to ask myself if my decisions/ actions are treating myself with loving kindness.” -Olivia E.

“The group couching was really positive for me because I did learning or take in a lot not just from the coaching for me but for others in the group. Having access to the meditations and journal prompts was also a positive for me. As a facilitator of the circle you (Shawna) were amazing and so caring of each of us! I really appreciated your approach.” -Jackie M.

“I love the power of women speaking together and I enjoyed the topics we talked about.” -Maxine F.

“The meditations and (oracle) card reading were great!”-Joanne C.

About Shawna:

Shawna Emerick (she/they) is a trauma informed yoga instructor with well over 800 hours of certifications and 20 years of teaching.  She is a Thai massage therapist, Life Coach for Transformation, and an integrative somatic healer who comes from a B.S. in Dance.  She is passionate about supporting others’ healing and drawing out their Inner Wisdom in order to live from their most authentic place of heart.  Currently, she co-facilitates monthly yoga immersions online, offering one-on-one ‘A.L.I.G.N.’ sessions, runs local and international retreats, and is studying with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach (MMTCP 2025 cohort).  She comes from multiple lineage lines of heart-centered healers, givers, and hard workers and is grateful, humbled, and honored to be carrying on the traditions in her own unique ways.  Shawna could not do any of this without the support of her partner, two children, and dog!