7 Questions for Constructive Introspection

Blog by fellow yoga teacher and my VA, Juzbi Walia: 

When was the last time you gave yourself a luxurious amount of time and space to sit down and deeply reflect on your current thoughts and actions? The last time you pondered about what it means to live a fulfilling life and check if your daily actions are in sync with your vision?

Often, I find it incredibly hard to give myself this gift of time but when I do, I’m always reminded of how important and critical this work is. We’ve got to cultivate a rich inner world through practices of introspection and deep reflection. It’s through this cultivation that we can give ourself honest and raw feedback about how we are going about life. We can trust this feedback cause it arises from within. And then, we can use this feedback to course correct and make small changes that better align with what we truly want and need. A rich inner world fuels our big outer world full of worldly accomplishments. The joys of the world feel that much deeper because we’ve taken the time for constructive, periodic self-check ins and through check-ins, we’ve moved towards radical self-acceptance, self-compassion and honest ponderings. 

I hope these prompts are a good aid for your introspection practice. I suggest you think about the answers every single day for a week or two to get maximum benefits. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn how to unearth the answers that already lie within.

So without further ado, here are the prompts: 

Q1. What did I do well?
Q2. Are my choices in alignment with my values?
Q3. What makes me feel alive?
Q4. Which activities, done consciously or out of sheer habit, drained my energy?
Q5. What is my vision for life?
Q6. Am I moving towards my vision?
Q7. What beliefs do I hold that feels life-affirming and I know it in my bones to be true?

The more specific you get with your answers, the more it will lead you to deeper, richer and clearer understanding of yourself. You’ll also feel more connected to the world around you. 

These prompts may serve you as a springboard to excavate more revelatory questions. So go ahead and think of questions that brings attention to your deepest desires and calls to your needs of this hour. 


Juzbi Walia in collab with 

Shawna Emerick

Breath and Belive