Lakshmi: Beauty and Abundance

Where do you see beauty around you right now? How do you remind yourself to see the beauty in all things?  Take a moment to reflect.

Now, I invite you to name at least one area of your life in which you are abundant. Are you abundant with the amount of shoes you have? Are you abundant with the amount of free time you have?  Are you abundant with love that you offer yourself and others?
The Goddess Lakshmi invites us to remember that abundance is our birthright. She is the Goddess of the abundance and beauty.  Her name means “She who leads to one’s goal”.  
Lakshmi arrived bringing the ‘nectar of immortality’ to all; self-realization is the goal of yoga and the knowledge of immortality of our essence is the nectar that she brings.  She brings with the nectar, four qualities that make transformation in our human world possible; dharma, kama, artha, and moksha.  She imparts these qualities and wisdoms so that we may experience that transcended state.  In our classes, we dove into the four qualities in the four hands that Lakshmi brings in order for transformation in human life possible; dharma/right way of living, kama/desires and longings, artha/purpose and wealth and goals, and moksha/transcendent state and liberation.
“I live in unlimited abundance.”
“I live in a universe of infinite supply.”
“I see beauty all around me.”
“I see the beauty within me.”
“I am abundant.”
Just a few mantras to try out; which one resonate with you most in this moment?  Is there another one that comes to you that you can make uniquely yours thru these suggestions?  Use the one that resonates most.
“The story of Lakshmi’s appearance conveys the essence of the journey of spiritual growth we all take sooner or later. In you and me, the churn of the ocean of consciousness is the conscious, self-willed transformational process in which we engage to produce spiritual growth. The Vedas and other Eastern spiritual texts all conclude that the end result of any truly spiritual transformational process is immortality.”-Thomas Ashley-Farrand, ‘Shakti mantras’.
When you feel lacking, unworthy, not beautiful in spirit or body, how do you turn the milky ocean of your consciousness towards abundance and beauty?  The way in which Lakshmi appeared, came because both demons and gods and goddesses alike had to work together in order to turn the milky ocean of consciousness. They knew that if they wanted the nectar of immortality, that they had to come together to turn the ocean powerfully enough so that the nectar would arrive. What I draw from this story and what I find beautiful about it, is that it is as if we must befriend our darkness, and our shadow sides, inviting them into the Light in order for the light and darkness to merge and for transformation to take place. In order for us to turn our thoughts always towards the Light, we must transform the darkness. Through this process we come to know our highest self, our eternal self.
“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.”-Mark Twain
So what happens when you truly feel like you’re at the end of the rope and have nothing left to give? Or just simply have nothing at all?  Here’s where I bring in Bryant McGill’s quote, “Abundance is the process of letting go; that which is empty can receive”.  
May you open your heart and shift your vision towards abundance and beauty, and in this spirit see how not only you can flourish, but everyone can flourish and thrive!
“Abundance is not something we acquire, it’s something we tune into.”-Wayne Dyer
Lakshmi invites you to meditate towards the world’s support and abundance. You could do this, if you’d like, while you’re simply walking down the street the next time you go outside. Are there birds chirping? Is someone laughing? Is a baby giggling? Just the other day my son and I went to the zoo.  We were in the kids petting zoo and I had not thought to bring cash in order to feed the animals. Before we knew it, this kind woman was handing us $0.50 so that Max could get some of the feed from the machine in order to enjoy having fun feeding the goats and the llamas. What abundance and beauty of heart!! 
And as for physical beauty I’ll leave you with this quote from Coco Chanel, “You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”!!
Whether you’re able to see the beauty and abundance within yourself, and the beauty and abundance around you, or not, I invite you to keep practicing. Have patience, and keep going.  Next week’s blog is all about action!  And to remember Lakshmi’s companion, the white owl; for the owl represents patients, intelligence, and wisdom. A symbol of universal wisdom with the ability to see beauty in spite of the dark.
Love to all,
Breathe and Believe.