This week we began class thru mantra to evoke and call in protection, peace, and abundance.  We used the Lashmiyei Swaha mantra, listen to it HERE!
We were seated and simultaneously used the Abhaya Mudra, the gesture of ‘no fear’, click HERE!
Here is some more on Lakshmi’s four arms, it is so beautiful!

I often feel within the energy of the abhaya mudra, the energy of receptivity as well. The right hand in front of the right shoulder has an open palm, and is facing outwards.  Yes, it feels as if to say, “stop”, do not enter here, but at the same time, for me, it is also a welcoming.  In my personal experience, it has always held an energy of receptivity at the same time. And therein lies my intention for our classes, and for all beings this past week.  That we all receive protection, peace, and abundance.  Not only abundance of peace and protection, but abundance in all aspects of our lives. So, if you chant the mantra, ask for what you need an abundance of, and in what areas of your life.  And, yet…

as we moved into triangle pose, I often cue the language, “reach out, reach further, what are you reaching for?” as meaning, what are you longing for?  And this week it came out the same, but with very different meaning. “What are you reaching for?”  Do you not know that all you reach for lies within you?!  Stop reaching, and realize the depth of your own Self.  Take that Sacred Pause to feel within yourself, connect to your heart center, and feel how you already hold within you the same energy of anything you might reach for outside of yourself.  My heart danced joy within my chest when that came out! lol! Yes!  So, receive the abundance from within your own heart’s well of love and offerings!  Be receptive to what lies within!  

All of these things that I have talked about so far, are the embodiment of Lakshmi, depicted above, seated atop a full lotus flower.  She represents beauty, harmony, and kindness.  Her mantra, click that link above, calls for the manifesting of every kind of abundance, even financial!  It is often called the “money mantra”.  You can chant it 108 times every morning and night if you like; use some mala beads to keep your count…this is also why we did malasana, the beads pose, in our classes, as well as padmasana, lotus pose! Its all connected, wink wink, and I meant to do that too!  We called it out 10 times with the long OM preceding it and closing it.  Remember, when we sing, when we call out the chant, we are evoking that same essence within ourselves that we are calling upon!  You may call upon Lakshmi, yes, but you are also calling upon that same likeness of her that lives in YOU!  YOU ARE BEAUTY, YOU ARE PEACE, YOU ARE ABUNDANT!  That is why in that triangle pose, what are you reaching for, changed meanings.  This mantra’s vibration removes the illusion that you are not already abundant! 

Remember, ‘man’ means “mind” and ‘tra’ means “instrument or vehicle”.  Mantras are used to be a vehicle upon which your mind rides the waves of its vibrations right to your heart.  Use the mantras to remember who you are, to ‘know thy Self’.  Use the mantras to remember what you already are.  Use the mantras as an instrument to bring the mind to the vibration of whatever you are chanting or saying, so that you can calm your nervous system, connect within, create a new thought wave pattern in sync with the energy you are singing with, and more.  No matter what language you use, too!  In my restorative class on Saturday afternoon, I invited everyone to “chant” , or say, ‘peace’ in their minds eye again and again during one posture.  Try it now, if you like:  sit comfortably, soften your body.  Take a few deep, calming breaths.  Close your eyes.  Begin to say “peace” again and again, slowly, within yourself.  You can do it out loud at first, and then turn it inward too.  Notice how you feel after a few minutes of repetition.

This mantra also supports an act of gratitude for all things.  All things. That is why it felt like such a divine hit when, in Saturday morning’s class at the end, I received a message from Source by way of my students.  The message was this, 

“When we are restricted in anyway, may we turn our gaze to what we can do.
That is living in abundance.
That is living in peace.
That is being fearless and having the courage to do what we can, and do it with love.”

I know a student who is physically limited, but who shows up for practice to do what she can!  
I know a student who can’t travel back to school for sustainable fashion, and she is making hundred of face masks and surgical gowns from her own home! 
We ALL are restricted in certain ways right now.  
How are you finding the abundance in life?  How are you finding the peace?  How are you making peace?  What do you need to make peace with?

And, are you remembering how you are ALWAYS HELD by the Universe in protection?  May that knowledge bring you an abundance of peace in your heart. May you be receptive to the Love that is wrapped around you always.

Breathe and Believe.