Rabbits in Your Garden?

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”-Marcel Proust

Mark Nepo expands on this in his book “The Book of Awakening,” by writing about John Travolta’s character in the movie Phenomenon.  John’s character has been trying to keep a rabbit out of his garden because everything seems to always be getting nibbled to nothing.  However, one day he realizes he has been going about this all wrong.  That evening he decides to leave the gate to his garden OPEN, and sits to wait.  Just as he is falling asleep the rabbit scurries out!  Travolta’s character finds he has been trapping the rabbit inside the garden, when he really wanted him out. 

Mark Nepo goes on invite us to inquire within ourselves, the important work and question:

“How often do we barricade and fence up our lives against hurt and loss, thinking we’re keeping the painful things out, when they’re already trapped inside us eating at our roots, and what we really need to do is to open the gate and let them out?”

I love his invited meditation:
“Center yourself, and consider what you are currently trying to keep out of your heart.  It might be a fear of what’s to be, or a memory of what has been, or the truth of a situation you are living right now.
Close your eyes and open the gate to your heart and wait. Breathe and wait.
Breathe slowly and give the rabbit a chance to leave your garden.”

If you feel called to share with me what is leaving your heart, I am here.  Or, perhaps, you know what you wish would leave the garden of your heart, but haven’t been able to get rid of it…breathe and wait; for the only action you are required to do here is open your heart.  Some say that this is the hardest task of all…to leave your heart open! 

And, as I had discovered last week thru using this in my yoga classes, when the gate to the garden of your heart is open, you are also allowing your heart to be able to receive what you need.  Ask boldly and openly for what you need.  The Universe only has the BEST intentions for your life.  Take seeds and plant them! Watch your Self blossom.  Namaste.