Recognizing and Trusting our Intuition

Something doesn’t feel right. There’s a little rumbling in your stomach, your eyebrows start to furl and your eyes start to look around. Your energy feels a little unsettled. As you notice all these physical and energetic sensations within yourself, your mind starts to become curious.

There’s a sense you have at this moment that’s hard to explain. It’s something that you feel and “know”, it’s just hard to describe with words.

Perhaps you felt this way about a physical space, another person, or even something someone asked you to do. If you’ve ever had an experience like this, what was your choice in that moment? What happened afterwards?

Or maybe you’ve experienced the opposite.

This all feels completely incredible! Your body is tingling with a positive vibration that feels grounded, real, alive. You can feel your heart beating with a solid steady pace, maybe it even quickens a little. You feel strong and capable. Anything is possible at this moment! You’re knowing is clear, your focus is definitive, and you aren’t questioning yourself.

You ‘know’ this moment right now is right. It feels so resonant that you begin to be curious about the possibilities, and begin to envision the future.

Have you ever had that experience in your life? What happened during and after your experience?

Your intuition, your highest self, communicates with you in many different ways.

Ways. Your higher self is always on the lookout for you. Your true self has the best intentions for you. You’re authentic and divine self. Only ever wants you to experience joy, peace, success, abundance, love, connections, and the life that you so deserve.

But don’t worry, if you’ve ever had a first impression, a ‘knowing’ that you should, for example, leave a situation, a person, or say no to a request from another person. It’s ok. I know I’ve done it numerous times in my life.

These moments become lessons and growing edges that only strengthen our awareness of how our intuition speaks to us. These moments bring us closer to the knowing of our Self, and they show us how we can empower and uplift our own lives.

Here’s the one ingredient that will help you recognize and stay connected with your intuition: Awareness!

But how do I become aware of my intuition when I have a million things to do, places to be, work to attend to, family asking me to do a million things, and my own “monkey mind” doing somersaults in my brain! Phew!

Deep breath! Take one more deep breath. What happened? Where did your awareness go during those breaths?

There’s no right or wrong answer to these questions. They are meant to bring you into awareness. See what I did there! 😉

There are many mindfulness practices and tools that I teach not only in my yoga classes, but that I offer and create with those whom I work with one-on-one. Mindfulness practices such as the breath that you experienced above, quickly checking in with how your physical body feels, noticing what your spiritual heart is sharing with you, and noticing the signs around you can all be ways in which we are dialoguing with our intuition.

I used to really feel that intuition was this “outside of myself and my body” idea that I just couldn’t grasp. Many people would say, “listen to your intuition”! But, in my head I was rolling my eyes and thinking, “what are you talking about and how do I do that?” I knew I wanted to listen to my intuition but I didn’t know how. And I knew I wanted to develop trust of my intuition, but I didn’t know the best route.

That’s when I began my journey with my intuition teacher, Kim Chesney. She, and her book, ‘Radical Intuition: a revolutionary guide to using your Inner power” Have really changed my life for the better!

I can definitively now say that one of the top ingredients for living your most fulfilling life is…Using your intuition!

“Radical intuition is not about learning a new system; it is about becoming aware of the system that you have already been using for your whole life. Once you are aware of it, you can own it.”

-Kim Chesney

And there it is again, awareness.

When we have an awareness, a recognition, of our self in all layers of our being, we will have an awareness of our true self. True self, authentic self, higher self, divine self, these are all synonyms for intuition.

Some of us will experience our intuition most easefully from our physical body. Others of us will feel most connected to our intuition through our spiritual heart. Others of us will feel most easily connected to our intuition through our abilities of foresight and mind. And yet others of us still will feel most connected through a higher awareness, a transcendental energy.

Though your intuition may be experienced more readily through your body, all of us have the availability to connect with our intuition through all our layers of being. That’s where some practice can come in. And whether we choose to practice more intimately with our intuition or not, we all have the power to communicate with our intuition for the higher goodness of all were well-being and for others.

“True intelligence is to rise above thinking as the source of all intelligence.”

-Eckhart Tolle

You have the power of awareness that connects you to your highest self.

And when you are in alignment with your truest nature, how do you feel? Do you feel empowered? Do you feel powerful? Do you feel grounded and able to take on anything along your path?

Those are some of the things that I experience when I’m connected to my highest self. When my doubt of myself sheds away and I can step into the light with all of my confidence! When I am living from the place of my divine self, nothing can bother me and nothing can stop me.

I have a bond with myself that is unshakable.

I have a way of staying, living in my center that is unwavering. And that way is with my intuition.

This is why I chose the mudra of unshakable trust for this week’s classes. It reminds us how we are an indestructible Being of Light force, and that we are unstoppable! It gives us the energy of connection to our hearts. It reminds us that when we are in alignment with our True Self, we are limitless, confident and can handle obstacles with grace, ease, fierce compassion, and more.

Vajrapradama mudra, “unshakeable trust” gesture, is so sweet and so powerful.

Vajrapradama mudra

Interlace your four fingers and leave your palms open. With your thumbs pointing towards the sky, rest your hands on your heart space. Let your shoulders and elbows drop, and begin to take some slow deep breaths. Notice what you notice in your body, thoughts, energy, heart, and spirit.

How to use Vajrapradama mudra to exercise our intuition and gain clarity.

If there’s something currently weighing on your heart, or a situation you’re living in right now that has and holds a lot of uncertainty around it, bring it into your mind. Ask the divine for support. Let go of the expectation of receiving a definitive answer during this brief meditation, just keep asking for the support, the clarity, and guidance for yourself. And as you continue to ask, keep your awareness open.

Keep your awareness open throughout the time that you sit and breathe with the mudra. Notice your physical bodies sensations. Where are the sensations in your body?

Where are the most intense sensations, and where are the softest sensations? Do you notice an emotion arising?

Where do you feel that emotion in your body? What do you sense from the emotion? Or maybe you notice thoughts.

Perhaps you start to see visions in the screen of your mind’s eye. Be curious about what you see and notice, and just can simply keep your awareness open.

You have the option after the meditation to think back on your experience and to notice what stood out the most to you. What were some of the first impressions of your experience in any layer of your being? And you can hold curiosity, with using your intuition, to feel if there’s meaning or correlation with your situation in life today. Not forcing to make a connection if there isn’t one, but just staying open and curious. And if there does happen to be a correlation, what might be the take away and the learning from it?

After this seated meditation practice and journaling, keep your awareness open throughout the rest of the following days. Perhaps you’ll see a sign in nature, a hawk flies by or a butterfly lands on your shoulder. Or, a literal sign, as a billboard, that will support you on your path so that you will become clear. Maybe you will keep hearing the same song over and over again, everywhere! Or, maybe that old friend from years ago called out of the blue, and when they do their words touch your heart and give you love. These are just a very few examples of intuition speaking to you from outside of yourself.

Trust (think back to the mudra!) that you will know what is resonant, best, and true for you. You WILL know what is loving for yourself. You will come to feel in alignment again.

Feel free to add these mantras:
“I have a bond with my Highest Self that is unshakeable.”
“I am open to receiving divine guidance.”
“I open my heart to the universe.”
“I am created from the Beyond and I trust in my highest self/divine nature/authentic self.”

Know that intuition might send you your own mantra to repeat. One that is resonant to you, one that is for you at this time in your life.

“There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.”

-Malcolm Gladwell

Be patient. Be open and aware.

“Trust in yourself, then you will know how to live.”

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Still a little uncertain? Read my blog around discernment.

With my intuition and love,

Shawna Emerick

Breathe and Believe.