“Allow beauty to shatter your regularly. The loveliest people are the ones who have been burnt and broken and torn at the seams, yet still send their Open Hearts into the world to mend with love again, and again, and again. You must allow yourself to feel your life while you are in it.”-Victoria Erickson


“And as she fell apart, her shattered pieces began to bloom – blossoming until she became herself exactly as she was meant to be…”-Becca Lee


Ego says: “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.”
Spirit says: “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”


This week in my classes I invited to people to anchor them self within that place of peace.  And also offered the fact that perhaps the yoga practice was the beginning of the journey into that place of peace within.  


I began to feel how the practices of beholding beauty, and having gratitude, were practices that supported One in allowing Oneself to feel life when One is in it.  


I also presented the question: Is it still possible to behold beauty, to have gratitude, and to anchor in a space of peace when things are difficult? When things are challenging?  Can the anchoring in peace, and that practice, be the a foundation from which we can allow beauty to shatter us, and to really feel our life while we’re living it?  To feel everything, even the uncomfortable? This reminded me of one of my dearest friends, Dr. Deb Adamy, meet her  HERE, and how she was the one who first invited me to allow my heart to crack wide open.  It would take me years until I understood what that meant, but it has become a practice for me on a daily level, to invite my heart to be cracked open by the beauty of life, to be cracked open by the ugliness of life. And in doing so, I feel more able-bodied to keep my heart open, and to therefore send my open heart into the world to mend with love always.


A poem came from this intention, and it came through me:


I felt parts of myself falling apart, some falling away.
Fragments of body, thoughts, memories, and beliefs all falling.
I felt near broken, unrepairable.
Breath by breath, 
  And breath by breath,
I began to rebuild.
Some things just repaired and repolished, other things made completely new.
Others, yet, are still in the making.
Now the falling pieces are not falling, they’re dancing; 
Forming a most glorious shape!
The shape of me. 


Breathe and Believe.