Throat Chakra/Vissudha

First, Thank you!  WOW!  What a wonderful response in volunteers for my free offering of Intuition Readings.  I am now closing the doors to that offering for the time being. Those of you who have responded as of the release of this email, I will be in touch soon to set up a day and time!  And, thank you!  This was a special offering ONLY for you, my newsletter/blog community!  I think I need to make more offers for you all!  You are so special to me. 

Talk about “speaking up”! LOL! I spoke my truth, told you about my intuition training.  That did make me feel a bit vulnerable, but, I need the practice!  Not only in Intuition, but in speaking my Truth.  And, that is what the Throat Chakra is all about!  Speaking One’s Truth!  

Vissudha Chakra, the 5th chakra, runs form the top edges of your shoulders up to the hinge of your jaw.  It is the vocal cords, throat, thyroid, and sometimes can associate to the arms and hands.  This energetic vortex of life force is the great communicator. It is that which connects the heart and mind, the body and mind, and the Spirit to heart and body.  Its color is bright blue and its Seed sound, Bij mantra, is “Ham”, pronounced ‘hum’.  Its releasing vowel sound is the long “eee”, as in “ear”.  Like how I did that? Ear!  Because it is all about sound as purification, vibration as a cleansing and healing property.  It is about resonance.  And, it is about silence in order to hear subtle vibrations; especially vibrations from our own hearts voice, and vibrations from the Akashic realm, ether realm.  It is no wonder than, that the element associated with the 5th chakra is ether.  You can also attribute the element of sound to the 5th chakra.

So, YES!  Take a sound bath!  Turn on your favorite music and resonate with its vibrations!  And, of course, sign up for the “Unplugged: Sound and Yoga Retreat: this May 8-10 with myself, Amy Soucy, and David Ellenbogen!  We are going to need it after all of this quarantine.  And, yes, it is still happening as of now!  Garrison Institute has confirmed it!  Get all the details and register HERE!

What resonates with you?  Resonance is a synchronization of vibration patterns.  So, what is normally happening in order for you to feel in sync with the flow of life and the divine?  Is it talking to a loved one?  Walking in nature?  Cooking an awesome meal?  Playing with your children?  Sitting in meditation?  It can be all of these things and more!

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who said something and right away in your body you felt excited, and you wanted to say “yes yes yes!”  because what they were saying really resonated with you?!  You really connect with it, it might even be one of your own beliefs or core values. This is resonance. 

Anodea Judith writes, “All life is rhythmic. From the and fall of the sun to the rise and fall of our breath, from the beating of our heart to the infinite vibrations of atomic particles within our cells, we are a mass of vibrations that miraculously resonate together as a single system.  In fact, our ability to function as a unified whole depends upon the coherent resonance of the many subtle vibrations within us. The task of the fifth chakra is to enhance this resonance.”

I started all my classes this week with the above quote. It speaks SO immensely to the way in which we ARE ALL staying VERY much CONNECTED during this time if the Coronavirus Pandemic. It starts at that microcosmic level of our cells and grows into the macrocosmic vibrations of the Universe, and back down again to our cells!  When we practice, whether alone, or together, whether in person, or over the etheric field of the ether net, really internet, we can create the resonance for healing. We heal and we can heal the world. Funny how as I typed this, I typed ‘internet’ and really felt that way of ‘interconnection’.  Thank goodness, ironically, for this thing that has been created that has connected us humans in a multitude of ways. I say ‘ironic’ because before Covid-19, I was trying not to be too hateful towards computers, phones, laptops, and tablets. I have a little more love and gratitude these days for it, and yet, I am needing more than ever the practice of limits with it, because I am needing to be on it much more than normal in order to stay connected! Ah, the circle/cycle continues, lol! Just be mindful. Use it in moderation.

I already named some of the ways you might Experience resonance. One was walking in nature. Last week, while out on a walk with my family and practicing ‘social distancing’, we ran into a good friend! We all waved, even Quinn, and my friend responded by saying, “I love how much more animated people have become these days!”  Yes! What a perfect 5th chakra thing to say! Communication comes in so many various ways! No only thru speech, but also thru gesture, symbols, sounds, and creative expressions; art, painting, dancing, writing, fashion, hair, cooking, movement, and more!  It is within these ways of expressing one’s self that is one of the main functions of the throat chakra. 
Side note:  I would rather call it ‘physical distancing’ for I am still socializing! 😉

The main functions of the 5th chakra are communication and creativity. It’s one thing to be expressing ourselves, sharing our True nature to the world, and it is another to listen. Communication can come to us, as well as creativity. It is important to recognize the throat chakra as the bridge between the mind and the heart because this is the passage way thru which we can hear, see, and receive the more subtle messages from Source.  We discern those vibrations from the Universe here in the throat chakra.  So it is telepathy, which is communicating across space and time.  An Akashic reader has the ability to open the “books” of all of time in the Universe, and to “read” them; to ‘listen’ to what the Universe knows.  

Sri Aurobindo writes, “The key to the mastery is always silence, at all levels, because in the silence we discern the vibrations and to discern them is to be able to capture them”.  I am thinking now to my intuition training, and knowing how receiving those messages from Source come down thru the upper chakras of knowing and seeing, and it is here, in the 5th chakra, that we speak/communicate what we have witnessed, or heard/seen/felt/experienced. We have discerned the message in it’s purest form, without the mental mind creating a narrative around it that is false**.  I often say that “feeling” is a way of ‘hearing’, whether up from our own physical body, or down from Spirit/God/Creator.

So, do you trust what you hear?  What are you hearing? Have you taken time lately to listen? Listen to your heart? Your soul? Time to listen to the Divine?  Have you had time to be silent lately? Or, is it too loud in your head these days?  Or, is it too scary to get quiet within for you? Don’t worry if any of these things, or non of these things, resonated with you. Just notice what you noticed. I have been asking myself these questions lately. Mostly because with everything going on in our outwardly lived lives, I haven’t had a lot of time to listen.  Don’t worry, you will have time soon, or you can decide to create the time!  And that’s one place were the 5th chakra creativity can come in. Look at the world lately!  How creative we all have become in order to stop this virus! Look how creative YOU have become in order to get your food, support your mental well being, to take yoga classes, move your body, home school your kids, stay connected to those you love, and more!  Once we are surviving, then we can reconnect with our passions and pleasures, hello second chakra, and from there we take action, 3rd chakra, from the loving place of our hearts, 4th chakra, and express our authentic self, yes 5th chakra! BOOM! 😉

“To fully express our individuality is to express our Truth.  A nonindividuated person will express what people want to hear.  A fearful person will be afraid to speak their truth.  A person without ego strength will be afraid of what others think and give up their authenticity.
    If your lower chakras are in good order – loving the truth of their bodies and feelings, with ego strength and accepting love – you can safely express your own personal truth. …
   In repressing part of our truth, we restrict the natural resonance of the etheric field, and cease to resonate with the other parts of our truth.  When we are out of our truth, we are living a lie.  **Lies form the demon of the fifth chakra. …
   To fully live our truth as individuated beings is to live life as a creative act.”-Anodea Judith. 

As a last inquiry, I was wondering, what voices within yourself have you been giving weight to these days?  Are some naturally louder than others? Are what they speaking true? Are some of your inner voices whispering? When you get silent, what are they saying?  Which voices do you want to highlight, and give more weight to?  What voices do you normally repress?  What voices always seem to come back?  

I invite you this week to become silent. And in the silence, honor all the voices that you hear. Allow yourself to listen to those voices that you’d rather not. To honor them is to create resonance with them, and in doing so, healing whatever trauma or pain comes from those voices that we’d rather not here. This is the courageous act to not repress are authentic self and all that we’ve been through, but rather to support our authentic self, and to allow for change, growth, transformation and healing.  And then, remember that you can then choose to resonate with the voices within you that are uplifting, positive, healthful, loving, supportive and vibrant! And in doing this piece, listening to the uplifting, you yourself, and all your cells, begin to resonate at the vibration of love and light! And this is what the world needs now, is for you to take care of yourself, to resonate with the love in your heart, and to express it and share it with the world!  When you share your authentic self with the world the resonance between all of us human beings begins to synchronize into harmony and peace.

As another practice, pick a mantra, affirmation, or prayer, and sing it out loud or silently within, and keep it ringing within your mind’s eye, and hearts beating.

-“I hear and speak the truth.”
-“I express myself with clear intent.”
-“Creativity flows in and through me.”
-“My voice is necessary.”

I’m including a Jack Kornfield interview with Tim Ferriss here because I really loved it and found its messages and practices so helpful!  It is for our corona virus times.

So, “tune-in” to yourself this week!
What is your truth?

Breathe and Believe.