Year End Reflections and What I Look Forward to in 2023

Year end reflections and what lies ahead

LWhere are you are during this time of reflection! What’s in your heart? What are you planting? What are you letting go of? What are you surrendering to? What are you creating?!

Here is what I am experiencing at the end of 2022 as I also look forward to 2023!…

I’ll say it again, I do NOT wish a pandemic on this fragile world again, but I am so grateful for it.  Not grateful for the real deaths of my loved ones and loss of all the business that were my families and homes away from home, but grateful for the time to look at what was possible. Time to take a deep, hard look at what was actually happening on racial, economic, Yogic, personal, societal levels.

What an opportunity that I took to realign with what is truly important to me. 

It brought a LOT of pain. It brought struggle, and struggles continue. And for me, it brought the struggle to re-discover my purpose. It put fuel into my fire that I knew it was there, but had NO IDEA it was so powerful. 

I am powerful. 

You are powerful!

Because of realigning myself and “climbing back into my Light,” I had a year of risk taking.  Diving in, and saying yes!  Closing the year with the reminder from Spirit to keep “drinking in the cosmic waters” of nourishment, support, and trust in who I am.

An incredible year of Intuition. Culminating in an Intuition Practitioners Certificate!  And, the year anniversary of my longest 7 month offer, ‘Inner Strength’!  Saying yes to Thai somatic massage certification, and the biggest dive I took is yet to come!

What I am looking forward to in 2023

Starting in February, 2023, I will be a part of a community from around the world to study with Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, and dozens of other specialists from fields of neuroscience, somatics, mindfulness, social justice, activism, Vipassana meditation and more.  The Mindful Meditation Teaching Certification Program (MMTCP) will take 2 years and will require me to run a program in my community during the second year, so stay tuned! 

I will start giving myself one FULL day off a week. This is something I have never done in my almost 20 years of teaching yoga and becoming a wellness practitioner.  It feels so necessary for so many reasons.

I am beyond grateful to the Washington Heights, Inwood, and Riverdale communities who have always been my home base over the years. So I am saying YES to my communities and solidifying my schedule to make myself accessible to those who work with me. And to give space for those who may want to travel to work with me; thank you to those who already do, even from Tribeca, Brooklyn, and beyond! I am moved and inspired by your dedication to all the practices and that you wish to navigate the process with me. A notice on where and how I am working will come out in the first quarter of 2023!

Most importantly, I want to thank you. You who read my blogs, and who respond to them. You who take classes with me weekly.  

Thank you to the ENTIRE Journey to the Peak family. Oh wow. I have so many words and just tears are coming right now. And to Patrick, who runs the journey with me and the community; I love you!

And On the Eve of the New Year, here’s my deepest wish for you: 

May your heart know peace.

May your body experience deep ease.

May your mind dressed with simplicity of knowing.

May your spirit experience great joy.

May you live beyond the boundaries of what is known,

And trust in the divine mystery.

May your Inner spark be lit with curiosity.

May you acknowledge your inner child and let them roam free!

May you remember your innate freedom.

And in that freedom, may you meet your soul.

May you spend plentiful time of silence and rest in nature.

May you breathe deeply.

May you come to experience safety.

May your life be filled with abundance and all the most beautiful ways.

May the abundance create financial freedom.

May all that you give out return to you from others hearts.

May you travel, to outer worlds, and your own inner worlds. 

May you meet your True Self and live from that place of authenticity.

May you be bold!

May you go for it, whatever it is!

May you rest when you need and never carry the guilt.

May you forgive.

Most of all, may you love.

Love beyond borders and cares and worries, and just love freely.

May you remember how deeply loved you are.

May gratitude and grace always ground you.

May you Breathe and Believe.

Believe in you. Believe in others and offer positive regard. 

May we all know our Oneness.

May we live our Magic.


All my love,

Shawna Emerick

Breathe and Believe. ✨