OM: the unrepeated and divine grace

There has been a thread of connection within my intentions for the past two weeks. This week is no different, it continues on. This is also a great example of how divine grace continues in a never ending flow of work within each of us, and within the greater community of humanity. We began weeks […]

A Divine Story On Strength and Workshop Dates

*See ALL Workshops Below* A divine story on strength: One evening, as I sit on the floor playing with the kids, anxiety was starting to get the better of me. It was getting close to ‘leave time’ and go teach, and I still needed to look for an inspirational quote around the intention that I […]


Commitment is defined as “a willingness to give your time and energy to something you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something.”  This first week of classes inside 2020 held  this intention.  It did not come from the idea of resolutions.  It did not come from goal setting or dreams.  It […]

Winter’s Cloak

Winter’s Cloakby: Joyce Rupp This year I do not wantthe dark to leave me.I need its wrapof silent stillness,its cloakof long lasting embrace.Too much lighthas pulled me awayfrom the chamberof gestation. Let the dawnscome late,let the sunsetsarrive early,let the eveningsextend themselveswhile I lean intothe abyss of my being. Let me lie in the caveof my […]