First Chakra, Muladhara

Muladhara Chakra, as seen above with its Bij Mantra(Seed sound), emanating vibration color, specified number of petals to its Lotus flower, is the first of the seven main wheels of life force spinning within all of us. Chakra, pronounced with a hard “ch”, like ‘chalk’, means wheel or disk.  These are energetic centers of organization […]

True Love/Understanding/Buddha

I could tell you all about that moment along the Hudson River.  The room I was renting out at the time in Washington Heights, NYC.  The number of sunsets I watched and didn’t watch because I was out dancing and performing, rehearsing, or working. I could tell you all about my coffee shop job(shout out […]

Hafiz: Poetry and Yoga

First of all, if you have never seen the photography of Jim Crotty, PLEASE go see it HERE!  He is absolutely amazing in his work and also has a deep, spiritual heart. So, I also recommend following his writings in LinkedIn or Facebook.  He is an award-winning, published photographer whom I have the honor of calling my friend! Let’s […]

Allow, Patience, and Leafless Trees

Do you have a favorite word? Words?  One of my favorite words is ‘allow’. Definition of allow: 1. To give (someone) permission to do something. 2. To give the necessary time or opportunity for. As I continued to consider this term again in my life, another word kept popping up.  That word was ‘patience’.   Definition […]

Trust: I had NO idea!

We can never imagine how the practice of trust will show up in our lives. And, yet, we can practice it daily. Towards our Self, the Divine, and to others.  It can certainly feel difficult at times, but, as in yoga, with practice, it becomes easier.  And, it is said that when we trust ourselves […]