I used to think that intuition was an aspect of my earthly self, and that it was always just trying to connect me to my Higher Self.  It always felt more out of reach than present; even when it “hit” I wasn’t always sure with my intuition. What did it even mean to follow my […]


Refuge:  Definitions:-“a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble”-“something providing shelter” In this past week’s intention much more developed over the course of the week then I could imagine. It was a wonderful journey! And it led to some beautiful realizations. I started each class with these words that originally came […]

Two in One: Playing Ketchup!

Ketchup, lol! Just a little levity for your day. “Catch-up” for two weeks of intentions; so, yes, it’s a little long, feel free to read in the span of two days! Two Weeks Ago: Michael J. Fox describes his approach to living with Parkinson’s disease in this way, “If I let it affect everything, it’s going […]