I used to think that intuition was an aspect of my earthly self, and that it was always just trying to connect me to my Higher Self.  It always felt more out of reach than present; even when it “hit” I wasn’t always sure with my intuition. What did it even mean to follow my intuition? What does it mean to have intuition? Did I have it? It kind of always felt a little out of reach, outside of myself.  And, yet, I also sensed that I had a capability with my intuition that was highly ‘connected’ to Source. 

Enter Kim Chestney, creator of Intuition Lab, and author whose new book, ‘Radical Intuition’, is about to hit stores! Get it in your cart on Amazon; I have!  I have been in her courses online since before Covid-19 began. I’m just now finishing up her ‘Elevate’ Advanced Intuition training. It’s been an incredible ride and I know I am still only getting started! *Stayed tuned for my own offerings down the line!

I’m telling you all if this because last week we held the intention to get to know Intuition a bit better. 

What I have come to know now is this, with all my heart and soul around intuition:

*Intuition IS my a Higher Self. 

*Intuition is Universe within me, connecting to Source around me.

*Intuition is a direct portal for information on anything and everything, including that which is beyond space and time.

*Intuition comes in many different ways.

*We each have our own unique Intuition languages; and we can still experience all the ways in which Intuition speaks, even though we may be more adapt towards one style of Intuition versus another.

*We can use/listen/feel/hear/experience Intuition everyday!

*We can use it with any questions we might have.

*Intuition only speaks to use in ways that are loving, supportive, transformative, validating, uplifting, grounding, and positive; even when addressing pain and trauma, Intuition is only ever holding the best of intentions for you and all beings. 

*I can trust my intuition; even though I still get a little nervous when practicing for others. 

* Intuition feels resonant within.

*Intuition is persistent.

In our physical practices this past week, I invited people to move Intuitively.  I invited them to move in ways that “felt” good to them.  I invited Intuitive breathing, and connecting the breath to the movement.  Does the inhale feel good here, or an exhale?  And why?  So, we went further; meaning, what was resonating for them? Intuition will always feel resonant within us.  It can be that “aha” moment, or that deep, grounding acknowledgement that you “just know”, without explanation. 

“Intuition is a Spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.”-Florence Scovel Shinn

“Listen to your Intuition.  It will tell you everything you need to know.”-Anthony J. D’Angelo

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.”-Dean Koontz

When it comes to intuition, it does guide, and yes, without explanation. We can dig deeper into a vision and ask intuition more questions, to be more specific, but at some point we are going to have to discern the deeper meaning of what we saw, heard, experienced, sensed, or noticed from our Intuition. Our discernment, with intuition, will bring it all together for us.  

“It is thru science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.”-Henri Poincare

It’s true, have you ever listen to that gut instinct?  Have you ever made a decision from a place that didn’t make logical sense on the outside, but it was from an inner place of deep knowing?  Henri Poincare’s quite from above really rings true for me; to stay curious and to stay open is to stay listening to Source and noticing the ways in which we are guided.

“Faith requires following the power of a whisper.”-Shannon L. Alder

I invite you to listen to those whispers in your heart. Those ones that keep coming back.  Those whispers that always resonate when you hear them.  Keep listening to those whispers in your Heart! That’s Intuition calling upon you.  So, get quiet and still this week so you can hear them! Be guided, because this Intuition is a part of you, your Higher Self.

This is the mudra that we used for unshakeable trust. Trust your Intuition!

Breathe and Believe.