This past week, in the New York City part of the globe, was the spring equinox on March 20th. This is the festival of Ostara, the beginning of longer daylight time and the awakening of the earth with blossoms! This is why we evoked the Kali essence within ourselves. Kali, pictured above, is known as […]


Make a peace sign in your hands!  Now, place your index and middle fingers down over your thumb, and lift your ring and pinky fingers up; bring these two hands to meet and you now have Shakti mudra! Shakti Mudra.  This was our “Mudra Dance” that opened most of our practices this past week.  Breathe in […]

Discernment / Saraswati

March is women’s history month.  In the first week of March, I wanted to highlight a Goddess.  As I was still feeling the deep underlying threads of the past couple of weeks around this idea of “what are different aspects to keep in mind when you’re on a journey”, I knew I needed to take […]


The above pictures look pretty extreme to me, but, at face value, which would you rather be feeling?     Balance as a noun is defined as ‘an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and study’. I’m wondering dear reader, are you evenly distributing your love, time, energy, and efforts in […]