The Yoga of Effortless Action & Non-Striving

A recent article from ‘psychology today’ caught my eye. It’s about the Wu-Wei Paradox: Striving Less Generates more success. The article, written by a triathlon athlete, talks about the philosophy of wu-wei, or “non action”. Now, I should share with you first of all, that the idea of effortless effort has been on my radar […]


Mark Nepo in his book ‘The Book of Awakening’ wrote a passage on integrity.  This book holds a passage for every day of the year.  He started with a quote from Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man and then expands: Integrity is the ability to listen to a place inside oneself that doesn’t change, even though the life […]

Introducing my new offer: ALIGN

A Somatic Healing therapy to help spiritual seekers, self-growth enthusiasts and heart-centered beings align to their soul’s purpose ALIGN sessions are the culmination of 18 years of my practices of yoga, Thai massage and life coaching fused into one!   I’ve met countless students, clients and friends who’ve confessed about not having clarity about their […]