Doing things that serves us (despite the nerves)

As I prepare for a week of silence and meditation, and in an  attempt to do this while still living at home and taking the kids to school and picking them up, I’m feeling a lot of things.  Thank you for indulging me and sharing and also part of this is for you!… Can I […]

Savasana, Death and a New Dawn

It has been a moving and life affirming experience to be in the journey to the peak community this month. It’s been particularly potent because this month’s peak pose is savasana, corpse pose.  With this pose we can sometimes immediately think of death. And with death, many people feel many different things around this topic. […]

Training our Mind towards Compassionate Attention

Training of the mind

In my personal decision to choose to be present for all of life, the good and the bad, I know that I also need tools and aspects that are going to help keep me grounded and stable. Last week’s blog on compassionate attention really started to show me that that is a foundation from which […]

Offering Yourself Compassionate Attention

I enjoy how a lot of people choose one word for their year ahead. That’s never been my goal. I don’t want to feel limited to one word. Because life is so fleeting and fluctuating, sometimes one thing is just not enough. I want to feel it all. That’s terrifying and exhilarating. Some feelings are […]