Does surrender equal trust?

I have always believed that becoming a parent is the greatest act of letting go, second to death.  This might sound morbid to some, and yet to me it is truth.  The greatest acts of surrender. For many spiritual practices, death is the ending and the beginning. It is the absorption into the infinite. It […]

Getting real and remembering who we are

Getting Real: A brief note this week and just getting real. 😉 I hope it supports you!  Read to the bottom for a very fun community call to action! I’m gonna be honest, last week was rough.  I thought I was SO prepared for school with the kids even as I was getting over a […]

A Death Defying Experience

As I walked the six stories alone I thought to myself, “Do I really want to do this?” YES!  No. Well, I was thinking how I would like to say I did it, but can I do it?  Not fully sure of myself, I continued on with no one passing me, only those in front […]