404 Integrative Wellness Day

[c “I have had to learn to invite my broken heart to dine with me at the table. It is meaningless to run now. My broken heart is not a judgment or a crime. It is a detailed record of how I have tried to meet the violence of the world with as much openness […]

Their children are our children

A poem and a prayer for all children in the world. My dear friend Dr. Deborah Adamy offers weekly words of wisdom in her podcast, “Enlighten: Uplift & Inspire”!  Last week she shared a short message for our humanity.  Inside it she quoted Valarie Kaur, a Sikh Activist and documentary filmmaker. Valarie’s quote addressing the […]

Finding equanimity in the midst of suffering

There are topics that, for many various reasons, people hook into in their lives, such as forgiveness, acceptance, rage, love. Whether it’s from personal experiences, necessity, or a heart’s curiosity to figure things out, there’s often a desire for clarity, understanding, healing, or knowing. Equanimity has always been one of these topics for me. I’ve […]