Mark Nepo in his book ‘The Book of Awakening’ wrote a passage on integrity.  This book holds a passage for every day of the year.  He started with a quote from Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man and then expands: Integrity is the ability to listen to a place inside oneself that doesn’t change, even though the life […]

Introducing my new offer: ALIGN

A Somatic Healing therapy to help spiritual seekers, self-growth enthusiasts and heart-centered beings align to their soul’s purpose ALIGN sessions are the culmination of 18 years of my practices of yoga, Thai massage and life coaching fused into one!   I’ve met countless students, clients and friends who’ve confessed about not having clarity about their […]

Without Reflections How Will We See?

+ January Schedule Update If I have seem quiet in newsletters and social media, there is an intentional reason for it.  As most of you probably know, I set out to spend the Winter Solstice and the holidays turning inward and just being with my family. And though I haven’t been completely off the grid, […]

Ishvara Pranidhana: Surrender and Being in Life

    Deborah Adele writes in her book on the Yoga ethical practices of the Yamas and Niyamas around ishvara pranidhana, Ishvara pranidhana, The jewel of surrender, presupposes that there is a divine force at work in our lives. Whether we call it God, grace, providence, or life, this force is greater than we are […]

Staying in the heat to know myself: an exploration of tapas and svadhyaya

  Throughout last week and entering into this week, I have experienced how perhaps it’s no wonder that tapas comes as an ethical practice in yoga before svadhyaya.  Let me explain and let’s explore…   Tapas means ‘heat’… …and can also translate as self discipline, austerities, catharsis, change or transformation, and even spiritual effort.   Here’s […]

Presence In The Micro Moments

For this past week’s intention I was watching how the universe was always sending me messages and how they were so beautifully woven into each other:   During our “Sunday Morning Special” class Patrick talked about how asana, postures, are a constant push and pull with gravity. And then I went over to find that […]

On Not Being One’s Self: Saucha

What happens when I’m not myself? Last week we explored being oneself. Is it possible to purely be yourself? Is it possible to be purely in the moment? Could being purely in the moment help us to be purely ourselves? And what might it offer us? Saucha in Sanskrit stands for “purity”.  It can also […]