Restoring our original movement

“Trauma is restricted movement.”-Thomas Hübl

It’s no wonder we use phrases like:

-I feel stuck

-I am so overwhelmed I don’t know which way to go

-I feel blocked

-I am frozen and feel like I can’t move forward in life 

Almost every time that I ask one of my “A.L.I.G.N.” clients to make a position or posture with their body of the challenging emotion that they are experiencing, they huddle into a ball and their body stops moving. Oftentimes they also either hide their face in their hands or wrap their arms around their legs with their face buried in their knees.

Sometimes I simply ask them to make a facial expression if they are not connected to their body. In these cases, the eyes often close and the head turns down. The corners of the mouth droop.  Sometimes wrinkles and creases form at the brow, corners of the eyes, and the nose. Pierced lips or quivering lips sometimes show.

Stopping physical movement usually correlates to a stuckness in an emotion. It usually also correlates to a looping pattern of thoughts, or a downward spiraling of thoughts when it comes to trauma.

Detachment from “the original movement” has happened. And yet, “the original movement” is always present within us.

Thomas Hübl defines ‘the original movement’ as “flow and potential”.

His story has made people laugh in all my classes this week:

I’m paraphrasing…

“A person is exclaiming how life is so wonderful and everything is flowing, they feel so connected and so alive, everything’s working and they feel really positive!

You don’t often hear that person rushing off to their therapists and exclaiming, “Everything is so great. I need a session!” 

Typically, it is the opposite.”


Mr. Hübl defines healing in many ways, one of which is “Healing is the restoration of the original movement.” 

This is movement in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our Beingness. 

Kids restoring their original movement

*Check out my kids making snow angels and restoring their original movement!  They are in the flow and feeling free and fun! 

I have witnessed numerous ‘A.L.I.G.N.’ clients of mine over the nearly two years I have begun my integrative somatic healing practices go from still to moving. From face down to face up and open. From slouched, hunched, stuck, and frozen to standing, rocking, arms open, chest out, and energy moving!  

I have heard them move from, “I don’t know” to “I can”!  From “I am so scared” to “I know the next step now”. And from “I am not worthy” to “I belong”. 

There are many practices that I teach in my weekly classes that can restore your original movement.  And, it is so helpful to receive one-on-one support where your unique past, present and future can ‘align’ for the highest goodness of your well-being; in relationship with yourself, with others, and with life/divine/universe/source. 

If you are interested in one-on-one support, reply to this email!  

If you are a woman seeking a small, intimate community wherein I group coach and the collective wisdom is shared, I am excited to begin announcing my next gathering starting in March!

And, please join me in my weekly classes to explore a few of these ways to restore your original movement:

  • breathing
  • physical movement
  • meditation
  • mindfulness


And keep in mind, I’m starting a journey through the chakras the first week of February! If you haven’t yet, now would be a great time to join our journey to the peak online monthly yoga immersion free, for 2 weeks!


Keeping the movement flowing,


Breathe and Believe.