Seeing through the eyes of your heart

There is a very beautiful ‘pas de deux’, a “dance for two”, taking place between your intuition and your heart… You see, the third eye is for looking. But not just looking, it is for “seeing”. It is your ability to see beyond space, time and form. It is your home of insights and knowing.  […]

What Gratitude Does & How We Can Use It for Our WellBeing

What comes up for you with the word gratitude? In the past, I would have been more of a skeptic and shrugged my shoulders at the “attitude of gratitude”.  And yet, over the course of my life, I have come to realize the great truth of the power of the practice of gratitude. In this […]

Part Two

Fill out THIS survey. You could win! The choice is yours. The choice to embrace your evolution and to create it! Fill out THIS survey. You could win! Let me know what classes you want in the survey. Click Here Pizza Hut, Muncie, Indiana.  The year was 2001 and it was the beginning of my […]

Revolution, The Trilogy Begins!

This is the first of three emails in which I am coming out, you’re invited in, and together we evolve!  As Janet Jackson said, “It’s all for YOU!”  A drawing for BIG prizes and a FREEBIE!  Let’s do this TOGETHER!…Some truly life changing events have happened to me over the past few years.  Some for the worse, and some for the most […]

I’m taking a stand, and apologizing

Recognizing the sacred

Recognizing the sacred feels different than recognizing the beauty in all things. To recognize the beauty in all things, when that’s not the energetic or mental space in which I’m in, almost feels like a spiritual bypassing. “Just see the beauty,” “good vibes only,” and “just look on the bright side”. I love good vibes […]

Satya and Santosha, a Dynamic Duo

Contentment can be present to all of us right now

I had pre-planned this third week of the month around the theme of ‘recognition’ to be recognizing the beauty and good in all things. WELL, that wasn’t going to happen because I wasn’t seeing it, lol! And so, in the honesty of what my experience was the previous week, I caught a little glimpse of […]

Recognizing and Trusting our Intuition

Something doesn’t feel right. There’s a little rumbling in your stomach, your eyebrows start to furl and your eyes start to look around. Your energy feels a little unsettled. As you notice all these physical and energetic sensations within yourself, your mind starts to become curious. There’s a sense you have at this moment that’s […]

Allowing Ourselves To Receive

A picture depicting the gift of receiving support

Part 4 of Embracing Support series When was the last time you allowed yourself to receive support? Hopefully your experience of receiving support was positive. Though I’m thinking of times where people will offer their unsolicited advice, and even with the best of intentions, it does not feel like help or support. But this is […]

Asking For Support

being in the present moment

Part 3 of Embracing Support Series Is asking the hardest part, or being honest with oneself that you need support? I think both could potentially be equally as hard because both can bring up shame and unworthiness. But what if you never asked for support? Sometimes we can receive it out of nowhere, without asking, […]

Presencing and Naming What We Need

Part 2 of Embracing Support series As I lay in bed thinking about this week’s blog, I realize how privileged I am. A quick explanation; This is the second part of a four-part blog series around embracing support. This week is about presencing ourself to be able to name what we need. I am privileged […]