Does surrender equal trust?

I have always believed that becoming a parent is the greatest act of letting go, second to death.  This might sound morbid to some, and yet to me it is truth.  The greatest acts of surrender. For many spiritual practices, death is the ending and the beginning. It is the absorption into the infinite. It […]

Getting real and remembering who we are

Getting Real: A brief note this week and just getting real. 😉 I hope it supports you!  Read to the bottom for a very fun community call to action! I’m gonna be honest, last week was rough.  I thought I was SO prepared for school with the kids even as I was getting over a […]

A Death Defying Experience

As I walked the six stories alone I thought to myself, “Do I really want to do this?” YES!  No. Well, I was thinking how I would like to say I did it, but can I do it?  Not fully sure of myself, I continued on with no one passing me, only those in front […]

Giving shape to our lives with wisdom and intent

As I continued to be so filled by the ‘Savor Simplicity’ retreat, I asked one more participant if I could share her words that she expressed at the closing ceremony.  Diana said yes… “Before I came to this retreat, I had cut some of the dead ends off my hair, but had not taken the […]

You Have No Idea What Your Light Will Do

As we journeyed through the cathedral tall trees, the path broke open the vast hilltop and opened to the glittering, clear, night sky. It felt as if the stars danced our arrival just as much as the flames of the already prepared bonfire.  Everyone was already singing with a silliness “The hills are alive” from […]

Opening up to the inner spaciousness of our own heart

My reflections from Savour Simplicity retreat 2023 One of the biggest takeaways for me from last weekend’s retreat is to give yourself full permission to be yourself.   It can be easier said than done.  To “let our light shine”, to “take a risk”, or to “be authentic”.  What happens when we do that?  What happens […]

To walk within myself freely

Recently I had a beautiful and deep conversation with my sister that led me to this question: “What are you walking around in fear of?” Yes, that went deep very fast. I knew I could not start my yoga classes this past weekend with such a question.  It does not feel trauma informed to start […]

Reflections on Fourth of July

As we each work towards personal freedom and liberation, may we remember that it is also simultaneously the work towards humanities freedom, everyone’s freedom!  They are not separate. This quote from James Baldwin gives me reflective pause and also inspiration… “There is an illusion about America, a myth about America to which we are clinging […]

Juneteenth: Let’s uphold equality together

Juneteenth should not have ever needed to become a holiday date. June 19th should have been a day where all people were already free.  And, because of the evils of slavery, colonization, and white supremacy, I am also deeply grateful for the celebration. It should be a day when people, human beings, no matter the […]

You Belong – A message to remember at all times.

This is one of THE most important messages that I pray every person will remember at all moments of everyday.  YOU BELONG. Say it with your name now.  Say it out loud.  Say it in whatever way you like, be it a whisper/scream/deep/high/singing voice, even if it feels weird: “I, (your name), belong.” You have […]