Uplifting Compilation

Shawna Emerick
As per my last email, some of you probably know that I have just launched and started the “Steadiness Within the Change” three month journey!  We had our first Healing Circle last night and it was absolutely heart opening and magical. In lieu of this extensive online program that I am running with Liz Moyer, of We Heal For All, I will need to place more focus there, and just a little less focus on writing each week.  This does NOT mean that my weekly yoga classes and their intentions will be given less attention, if anything, the opposite.  We need now, more than ever, guiding words from the scriptures, stories that will inspire us, and energies that will fire up our hearts and minds to make LASTING change in the world!  Lasting change for black people, brown people, and all shades of people.  Lasting change for Mother Earth.  And lasting change for the healing of traumas past, present, and for our future generations.  Let it be so.

So, I just wanted to send some of the past few weeks of quotes, insights, and uplifting vibrations for you all!  Use what you need/like, and feel free to pass it on as well!  

A mantra for connecting your Spirit with Supreme Truth and Consciousness:
“Aham Brahmasmi”
‘The Core of my Being is the Ultimate Reality’.  Click here for more.

Add with the above mantra, this mudra:
Brahma Mudra

Last week we evoked, called in, and petitioned Source to guide us.  We asked for what we need in these times of great shift.  We invited Creator to uplift us, hold us, support us in all of our days so that we may have right action and right speech.
We used the long ‘OM‘, ‘AUM’, to call forth all that is good to infuse its energy into our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits. 
We used the chin mudra when calling out the long OM.

“The process of awakening can be painful, because new realities precipitate trajectory shifts.
In the process of things dismantaling, disassembling, and crumbling, we can feel unstable and this is why change is often so dreaded.

But we are the changemakers of this time, and we are here at this time for a reason.
We each carry our own truth, but a universal truth is htat we are all here ultimately to learn to love.”

Thank you all so much for your continued support!
Please know that I love seeing your faces on zoom!
My weekly classes are in full swing!
I have multiple workshops coming up too, so stay tuned!
AND, I will be away only for the Saturday of June 27th because I will be taking the Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training (on zoom) from Exhale to Inhale!

Please connect if you need/want/feel to!

Breathe and Believe.