It’s All in Your Head, or Is It?

“We can change our Mindset as ease-fully as we change our pose.”-Me, in some yoga class last week, haha!


“Reset Your Mindset.”-Me, but I’m 100% sure someone else has said this before! 😉


Lately I had been told, and I had been noticing, that a lot, if not ALL of what we do, and how we think is a total Mindset. There are courses on it! So, I decided to dive in a little deeper. I decided to “try on” a few ideas towards Mindset of my own.


Its amazing the endless possibilities for changing our Mindset that I found when investigating a little deeper and getting curious. Here are a few findings that have helped me to embrace, change, face, and flip my Mindset recently:


1. If its good, embrace it! Repeat the thought, create an affirmation or mantra around it, embody it, and soak it in!
2. If it’s a thought you don’t want, or didn’t ask for…
-Flip the script, meaning change the negative to the positive. For example, “what if I fail”, can become, “what if I succeed beyond my wildest dreams”?!
-Let the thought go completely. What will you then want to put in that space that has now been created thru letting it go? The choice is yours!
-Befriend the negative thought. Be brave in getting curious. Where did it come from? Is there an old belief that needs to go? Could this negativity actually be the fuel that moves you?!
3. No matter the type of thought that our consciousness labels it as, be it “good” or “bad”, leave space for equanimity. It is what it is. Observe, without judgement, without attachment, and without expectation. This is an active form of meditation.
4. Take a walk in nature!
5. Go running(this is me lately, it totally gets me out of my “chattering and chaotic mind” and grounds me into my “creative mind” that flourishes and gets excited).
6. Breathe. But, bring your focus to your breath. Nothing else. This is breath meditation.


So, those are just a few from me. Did anything come up for you? Let me know!


It is all in our heads, but we can use the body and SO much more, in order to get out of a mindset that is not constructing our life, but rather destructing it.

Build your life from the inside out! Mentally, physically, Spiritually, emotionally, and create the life you envision(ah ha! Another one, visioning!)!


*Remember, NEW SCHEDULE IN SEPTEMBER! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Love, Shawna