Part Two

Fill out THIS survey. You could win!

The choice is yours. The choice to embrace your evolution and to create it! Fill out THIS survey. You could win! Let me know what classes you want in the survey.

Pizza Hut, Muncie, Indiana.  The year was 2001 and it was the beginning of my senior year at Ball State University as a dance major.  My next table to wait seemed to be a nice older couple, kind enough and gentle mannered, probably really sweet grandparents.  They ordered the salad bar and Pepsi.


When they asked what I was going to do after graduating I told them my BIG New York City dreams!  Dance for a modern dance company, live life, and who knows what else!  My best friend, Kelly, and I were moving to NYC together.  Poor, passionate dancers with rich dreams, huge hearts, and one U-Haul truck we drove across state lines to end up in Queens!  I was SO excited and scared and READY!

Have you ever felt a calling from your heart that was exciting and scary?

But, NYC was the challenge!  It wasn’t just ‘the next step’, like how graduate school seemed to me at that time.  NYC was a way of carving my own path*, testing myself and diving into the unknown!

Then they said, “Are you sure you want to move there, do you think you can make it?  It’s tough out there.”  I deflated as fast as a popped balloon and my brain scrambled like eggs for a good come back.  Why did I feel the need to prove myself to them?  Why was I letting them shake me from my confidence, excitement,  and dreams?  Why did I care?

I had enough doubt in my own head to fill every pizza pan in that restaurant and more, but I had resolved not to let it stop me and I had my cheerleader, Kelly, by my side.  This well intentioned couple that didn’t know who I was, nor what I was made of became more fuel to my fire!  NY was going to be my “grad school”; two years at least, and then we’d see.

Here I am, 20 years later, and still going strong in NYC!  A LOT has happened in this time, and a particular abundance has happened from the turmoil, pain, and beauty of what the past three years has been.  For a list, read below my signature.

For the last year and a half I have been questioning Graduate school again.  Somatic psychology, Mind-Body Medicine Masters, Buddhist psychology, Transpersonal psychology?  I asked so many questions to over 15 different types of mental health practitioners, but something never felt completely A.L.I.G.N.-ed.  

This place felt familiar.  Doubt and fear.  Just like back in college.  Life is like that, new situations can bring up repeat patterns of our behaviors.  But I have changed.  We can change.  YOU CAN CHANGE!

My passion now is for serving.  Not pizza, you silly!  Now I serve evolution, transformation, positive growth, profound change, and healing.  And this passion is more fiery than it was in college!  But, what was I meant to do with this fire, and how was I meant to live out my purpose and calling that I felt so embolden with?

Lights please!  Curtain up!  Enter, dut-dut DHA DHA, Facebook. LOL!

Well, Facebook brought me to a teacher, my future-work-self on Earth, through a private Yoga teachers Facebook group…Kristen Boyle was where I envisioned my work ten years from now.  She guided me with such support and confidence in my abilities, and she continues to do so to this day.  She is my mentor.  And she told me to take Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy week-long ‘essentials course’.

That course opened my world!  It gave me the blueprint from which I could creatively design and intuit a healing session for one person or a group.  It gave me the springboard from which I could now see how I can, and now DO, integrate my life coaching, Thai massage, Yoga, Heart, Spirituality, meditation, and mindfulness together!

I began to feel A.L.I.G.N.-ed again!  I could hear my heart.  There were fewer questions.  There was almost no doubt.  There was an excited, positive curiosity and wonder!  I was more trusting to Source and where it was Guiding me.  I received clear and blatant messages to, once again, *“carve my own path”, which has brought me to…

THE BIGGEST DECISION that I’ve made in my life lately. Applying to Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach’s 2 year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate Program(MMTCP) instead of applying to grad schools.

I was ACCEPTED!!  We start February of next year and I am already in some prerequisites.

As I look forward to my upcoming “grad school” that is MMTCP for me, I cannot believe it has been a year, this month, when I first made it public about my A.L.I.G.N. integrative healing sessions.  I am grateful, humbled, and inspired from what I have had the honor to witness in my clients’ evolutions.  Grateful for their trust in me, as I trust in them and the Universe to Guide our sessions.

And, I know you, too, CAN evolve in the ways you wish!  I BELIEVE in YOU!  I believe because I have put into practice all I share and embody with my clients; awareness, trust, intuition, love, courage, vulnerability, and A.L.I.G.N.-ing with my most authentic, Highest Self.

And the choice is yours.  The choice to embrace your evolution and to create it!

But, don’t worry.  The path has been created in your favor!  The Universe wants only the best for you!  AND, you’ve got me in your corner!


1.  Fill out this brief survey.  Your name will then go in a drawing for either a FREE A.L.I.G.N. session online, or a FREE THAI MASSAGE at my Washington Heights office. Both 60 minutes.  This survey covers some self-inquiry questions and also detailed questions of what yoga classes you want and what else you might want to see from me; so please help me help you by filling it out.  Let it be fun, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, though if you want to, go ahead!

2.  Then, reply to this email to set up a FREE phone chat with me. By filling out the survey we will have a richer, deeper conversation during our call.  Completing the survey will help me serve you better no matter how we will work together; besides giving you a chance to win a free A.L.I.G.N. session or Thai massage! Yeah!

3.  Take a deep breath and release it out loud!  You just started your evolution!  Dance about it!  No matter what comes of it, you took action!  YES!  The possibilities are endless now!

You are forever unfolding and evolving.  You can strengthen a trust in yourself even when you are uncertain about your path.  You can grow in your capacity to love yourself unconditionally, even when your thoughts conflict with your heart.  You are powerful and capable.

You have a right to be here.

You have a right to be acknowledged. You have a right to be loved, and experience love, as much as you give love.  You have a right to be heard.

You hold a great purpose and are of immeasurable value.

Your possibilities truly ARE endless!

I believe in this work/play/evolution/unfolding because some of my clients have experienced these effects…

-You might just discover what you really want to be doing in life and then change jobs like one client of mine did successfully!

-You might discover that you are already in an evolution and choose to embrace the changes instead of resisting.

-You might just become aware of how many evolutions you have been through, see how courageous you really are, and dive into the next evolution more empowered, because you are always different in the next event of your life than in the one prior.

-You might just discover that you DID know the answer the whole time!  You just needed to give yourself attention, time, and permission to recognize that you knew; trusting your gut instinct.  And to then give yourself the permission to act in alignment to your own heart and wisdom.  A client of mine experienced this and it freed them from the fear of failing and getting hurt.

Don’t wait! You are worth every effort, every step, every breath.

Fill out the survey, and set up that call with me if you want:

  • To live your life more fully.
  • To know yourself with love.
  • To heal wounds.
  • To be confident no matter what comes.
  • To be your Authentic Self.
  • To embody, and always know, your worth.
  • To be able to share your voice with pride.
  • To experience abundance in every area of your life.
  • To say yes to yourself.
  • To be able to ask for what you need.
  • To stop living from a place of fear.
  • To live in a way that inspires others to evolve, just by being you.

Please pass this on as fruit to another who is needing support.  Share this email.  Let this email remind them that they are loved, they belong, they have a great purpose.

My last email in this trilogy comes out Friday.  It describes the work that I have evolved into practicing with more detail, especially the A.L.I.G.N. one-on-one work; which now dominates what I do, even over private yoga sessions.  It is why you will see changes in my business, what type of offerings you will see(*FILL OUT THE SURVEY!), and other fun details like that awesome new logo by Ashley Baker of Redhead Graphic Designs from my home state of Ohio!

Thanks to Georgina Berbari for capturing my evolution through your art form of photography!

Thank YOU for being with me in this journey of life, and cheers to more time together!

All my love,
Shawna 🙏🏻

In gratitude I share with you the key events that have been my evolution. These are some things I am bringing into our practices together…

-My experience with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, landing me ultimately with my mentor whom I have been with for over a year and a half.

-Starting “Journey to the Peak” with my soul brother, Patrick Heffernan and the incredible Beings who co-create the community space with us month after month! Join here for a free two week trial.

-Becoming a certified Intuition expert through Kim Chestney’s ‘Intuition Lab’, a year long training I will be completing this November!

-I created my largest program EVER, ‘Inner Strength: Reclaiming the Power You’ve Always Had’.  A 7 month women’s journey of personal and communal transformation. This month is our one year anniversary and we are getting together!

-I will be learning somatic Thai Massage with Sarah Seely this winter in Brooklyn.

-I was asked, and became, a guest teacher in two different incredible 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings this year!  Specializing in Chakras, the 8 Limbs, and more.

-I have collaborated, and continue to collaborate, with the types of healers who are deeply aligned in bringing brave spaces, loving offerings, and services of healing to everyone.  The likes of Liz Moyer and We Heal for All, Rev. Yokasta Tineo of Kasa Healing, and Dr. Deborah Adamy, Ph.D. and Randi Linick, MS, LPC, LCADC.

-I have my first ever international yoga retreat with my soul sister Amy Soucy in Costa Rica coming 2023!

-And the Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach 2 year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate Program(MMTCP) that will educate me in ways of social justice and equity, meditation, somatics, neurosciences, and so much more!