Revolution, The Trilogy Begins!

This is the first of three emails in which I am coming out, you’re invited in, and together we evolve!  As Janet Jackson said, “It’s all for YOU!”  A drawing for BIG prizes and a FREEBIE!  Let’s do this TOGETHER!…

Some truly life changing events have happened to me over the past few years.  Some for the worse, and some for the most incredible.  It has been, and continues to be the BIGGEST evolution of my own soul, which also means the biggest evolution of my work and business. 

But it started with a revolution decades ago, when I was in high school.  The year was 1997… 

Have you ever felt the knowing that you needed to let go of the fear and live from your Truth?  

Was the calling so great that you knew it was detrimental to your life unfolding in the most beautiful way possible to accept the call, even when it pushed you to your edge?…

“You don’t need to come,” I would say in my scared voice. “I don’t want you to come,” would say the fear. This fear was big.

I would tell people for the first quarter of my dancing career that I didn’t want them to come to my performance. I didn’t want to embarrass them. I didn’t want to embarrass myself. It felt safer for me to perform in front of people that I didn’t know.  There was less attachment, less connection. Less risk; or so I thought.

But when I was 17 years old, a divine insight, flew right into my heart like a dagger 🗡️.  Sharp, clear, and direct.  This was the double edged dagger of compassion the Buddhists talk about.  It came almost too late, but it came at the perfect time.  The divine was showing me Truths. 

This was the moment of revolution when my internal order of my life crumbled to make way for a new, inspired way of living.

You see, dear reader, if they didn’t see me, they couldn’t see me grow!  I needed to open my heart to my own vulnerability of being seen in order to transform. That is the double edged dagger; “compassion blossoms only when we remember ourselves and others, when the two sides are in harmony”. – Jack Kornfield.  (Read about the ‘double edged sword of compassion’ in my blog HERE!)

If they didn’t see me fall, they couldn’t watch me get back up and rise again!
And if they weren’t there when I succeeded, then we couldn’t celebrate together!
There would be less connection, less love if they didn’t come, and only so much more loving experiences gained if they did!

No more hiding!  (This is why I am writing today.)

Where are you hiding in your life and do you know there is one thing that will reveal you?!  **Tell me, Shawna, what is it?!  I thought you would ask…**

Awareness is the most incredible tool you have to transform your heart, mind, body, and life.

But awareness hasn’t only changed my life so that I could live with more vulnerability, courage, and openness, it has changed many of my client’s lives.  I have watched clients shift from scared to fearless.  From nervous to bold.  From uncertainty to clarity.

I have watched clients move from sitting slouched over in near resolve to give up, only to rise up simply by offering their awareness to what was going on within themself and breaking through the fear with courage.  They offered themself their own loving attention to see where they could make the changes needed for living fully!

I want you to start YOUR REVOLUTION now!
Start with bringing awareness to where you are in your life.
Don’t worry, I am here with you, and so is the unconditional love of the Universe.

Start HERE!

1.  Fill out this survey in support of you getting clear on where you are at, what you need/want, and more.  It will also help me see how my evolution can really be harnessed for best use in your journey.  Everything from inner awareness questions down to logistical scheduling questions.

**When you fill out this survey, your name will be placed in a drawing to win one of TWO GREAT FREE PRIZES!  Either one FREE A.L.I.G.N. session online, or one FREE THAI MASSAGE session at my Washington Heights office. 

2.  Then, schedule a free chat with me! Simply respond to this email to schedule.  Through filling out the survey we will have a richer, deeper conversation during the discovery call!  Completing the survey will help me serve you better no matter how we might work together or not; besides giving you a chance to win a free A.L.I.G.N. session or Thai massage! Yeah!  Think of this as getting to know you and seeing what more is possible together!

In our chat we will…

  •  begin to reveal your inner strengths by starting with where you feel weak in your life
  •  begin to uncover the hidden gems of your True Self by honoring places in which you feel uncertain and “less than”
  • use intuition, body, mind, and heart to see what your Highest Self is wanting you to know right now
  • call out your fear/fears should one/many arise
  • start to name and get clear on the outdated beliefs that are still lingering, but no longer serve you
  • give you answers to what you wish to know; it’s already in you
  • journey together in your evolution and feel into the possibilities of where and how we can continue working together

Your own evolution is going to be incredible, gorgeous, and powerful, just like you!

This is how it all begins!  A revolution!
Don’t let fear stop you.  You are worth every minute, every effort. 

And send this to your BFF! They deserve a chat too!  Heck, I’m breaking my own old patterns right alongside with you, so go ahead, send this to 26 more of your friends!  

This is a revolution for self-love that creates the collective revolution for peace and compassionate connection!

All my love,
Shawna Emerick
Breathe and Believe.
P.S. The ‘evolution’ story comes out Wednesday!  Don’t miss it!
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