Rebirth: story, haikus and poems

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This past week I was away in California.  In my own way, it was a little rebirth. I was able to dip my feet and hands in the cold Pacific Ocean.


To dip myself in the ocean is always a sort of baptism to me. I get to touch the water of the Mother. I get to be cooled, calmed, and reassured of my place in all things. I am connected to a vastness that I cannot describe and at the same time I feel infinitely small. It’s not a sad thing.  It’s a beautiful thing. A gratitude that I get to be here. And in this moment, all disappears. 


Then my kids’ hug attacked me with love! Oh, the joy. Their faces were bright with desire to shed their shoes too; a mother’s opportunity to say “YES”!  Live! Enjoy! Have fun! 


As they start to draw in the sand my husband, Geoffrey, says “now”. I do it! Handstand of course! What else would I do on an open beach in California with my family and hobby photographer husband around?! Lol!


Rebirth is such an interesting idea to me. 


Does rebirth mean that we start all over again with nothing?


What would you keep with you, if you knew you could bring things with you, in the next design of your Self? Notice I did not say die and be reborn.  Mmmmm. Maybe you are in a time of metamorphosis?


What would you drop right now? 


Anyway, just some journaling prompts for your weekly inner reflections. 😉

I loved how Janey Colbourne wrote it in her poem, ‘Alchemy’:

This is what they mean by turning lead into gold.

All the pain, the anger, doubt and fear.

All the suffering that weighed me down.

I look them in the eye.

My pen is my sword

and with it I pinned them to the page.

The page is my cauldron

where I stir until what comes out

is transformed, purified, reborn.

As I bring it forth

it’s light is so bright,

it is blinding.



I invited my friends and students to imagine that the mat was like her cauldron. And that with each movement we were stirring things, transforming all things. 


And that is what we do on the yoga mat. We transform. We are transformed. And we can transform. We are purified and reborn.


Are very breaths is an embodiment of this reminder in each moment. Each moment is a moment of birth, and each moment is a moment of a type of death.  A type of ending that opens to a new beginning. These moments are a gift.  

Try moving your body with any of these following poems and haiku’s that I weaved within our practices. 



By: Alex Elle


There will be moments when

You bloom fully and then

Wilt, only to bloom again.

If we can learn anything from

Flowers it is that resilience is born

Even when we feel like we are



By: Rupi Kaur






This is the recipe of life

Said my mother

As she held me in her arms

As I wept

Think of those flowers you plant

In the garden each year

They will teach you

That people too

Must wilt




In order to bloom


By: Derek Evers

A hyacinth sways

Flamboyant and exciting

Each bursting with soul

Rebirth (haiku #23)

By: Mysidian Bard

It isn’t too late

It’s never too late to start

All over again

May you begin whatever you feel is in your heart.



All my love,


Breathe and Believe