From a Red Paper Clip to a House: How will you use your gifts?

Sharing our unique gifts with the world


Each of us has a myriad of gifts.

Right now you have the gift of your breath.

You have the gift of your body.

You have the gift of your consciousness.

You have the gift of your heart.

You have the gift of your Spirit!

You have the gift of intuition.

They are gifts because we can use each of them to bring us back into the present moment. Each of these gifts can be used in ways that connect us to others on deep, personal levels. They are gifts because they are pathways to experiencing our Highest Self. 

Recently my intuition told me that I needed to watch a certain TEDTalk that a friend had passed along. 

HERE is that TED Talk with Kyle MacDonald about how he turned one red paperclip into a house within a year’s time! 

Perhaps there are many different ways in which you could perceive his TEDTalk, but this is what I took away from my own perspective and used as intention in last week’s classes:

When you have a gift, how will you use it?

When you have a gift, you can choose to do something with it and to be creative in how you use it!

Kyle had a beautiful meditative moment sitting at his desk. He looked down and saw a red paper clip. In that moment of connection he got curious and creative! He wondered if he could put this “gift” of his red paper clip out into the world and see If anybody would trade for it.

He ended up trading it up for a fish pen!  And from a fish pen to a door knob that had an interesting face on it, and from that door knob to a camping stove! And so on and so on until, within the matter of less than a year, he had a house in Canada!  

When you share your gift (s) with the world

  • You never know what you might receive in return
  • Who you’ll meet
  • Where you might go
  • What might happen
  • What experiences you’ll have
  • And how many lives you will touch

And the biggest gift of all?!


How will you share your Light with the world?

Perhaps it’s that smile and knowing nod to the stranger you pass on the street.

Maybe you give the gift of a hug to your loved one today.

Maybe you’ll be on the receiving end of somebody else’s Light.

Don’t take it for granted when somebody shines their Light on you.

And may you not take your own Light for granted. 

May you never block your gifts. And may you remember to live from your courageous heart so that the world will have the gift of you!

All my love,


Breathe and Believe