Seeing through the eyes of your heart

There is a very beautiful ‘pas de deux’, a “dance for two”, taking place between your intuition and your heart…

You see, the third eye is for looking. But not just looking, it is for “seeing”. It is your ability to see beyond space, time and form. It is your home of insights and knowing.  It is your intuition.

It’s your way of knowing the truth; what is real and not real, which is to know what is loving and not loving.  It is how you perceive things in you and around you; the “perceiver”, ajna chakra.  Read more on it here, in my blog.

Your heart, well, you can probably guess. It is your home of love. And, it’s the place of acceptance for all of life, everything, including yourself. You can read more about the heart chakra here, in my blog. 

The heart chakra, anahata, meaning “unstruck”, is also the home where relationships are nurtured, healthful boundaries are created from love, and your ability to behold yourself, or another, without judgment nor expectation can happen.  

How do you see yourself right now?

Are you harshly judging your weight, your looks, your actions?  Are you judging what you’re thinking about or how you are spending your time?  

Are you thinking to yourself about how little or how much you are doing something, and that it’s wrong?  Are you berating yourself for something you didn’t have any control over?  Are you simply just negatively critiquing too much?


Take a deep breath. Let the breath guide you to drop into your heart space. That place where you can land and be loved just as you are, however you show up! Stay here a while.  Notice what begins to shift.

What were those thoughts that were coloring your perception of yourself?  Where did they come from?  More importantly, is there truth to them? 

No!  You are perfect just as you are, because you are. Period. You are of nature, ” alive just as nature is alive: to be here, to be beautiful and strange. We don’t need to achieve anything to be valid in our humanness.”-Melanie(@melantoninlau)

How can you begin to change the way in which you see yourself from negative to positive?

Allow the winged perceiver of your third eye to fly through the portal of your heart!  Begin to see yourself through the eyes of your heart.  

When your thoughts are not colored or tarnished by the judgments and expectations of your mind, your vision becomes clear. You will see yourself clearly. You will see the truth of who you are. And that truth is that you are Light.

You are an angel, a child of god/universe/love, a spirit made from stardust, and oh so beautiful and magnificent.  

So when your mind is muddied, lean upon the companion of your breath to support you in taking that ‘sacred pause’ so you can drop down into your heart space. Allow the pas de deux to continue, but let your heart now take the lead!

Let the energy of your heart change the way you see.  

Your heart always has loving arms extended towards you. Holding you in sacred space. Embracing you and all of your emotions. Your heart is infinite in its ability to continually offer unconditional acceptance.  Your heart is always there for you.

May you choose to open yourself to your own heart.  This is the dance.  Have your own hand.

To open yourself, in all honesty, to recognize the ways in which you view yourself. And as you do so, to be honest in the ways in which you might be negatively judging or expecting yourself to be any other way than what you are. And as the vision becomes clear, the acceptance becomes abundant. And in that acceptance, love is felt.

When we feel loved and seen, when we feel honored and respected, our whole inner world changes for the better.  Offer this to yourself now.

Ask again, “how do you see yourself right now?”

Let the dance keep going!


All my love,


Breathe and Believe. 

Side note: About the inspiration for this blog:

The inspiration for this blog, which became the theme of this week’s practices, came from Mark Nepo’s book, ‘ The book of Awakening: having the life you want by being present to the life you have’.  In his book for the date and entry of November 29th he starts with this quote from the musician Rickie Lee Jones:

” The angel seeing us is watching through each other’s eyes.”

Mark Nepo goes on to write:

“When we can look into each other, however, briefly, without any agenda or scheme of desire or need, something indescribable and essential makes us more than we are by ourselves. This is the difference between looking in a mirror and looking into the eyes of someone you love.

It seems the angel of relationship can only appear when our hearts pump our eyes open. It is such a powerful feeling that many things can go wrong. I can feel an aliveness that I think is only in you because it has been awakened between us. So I might only want to be with you and thus abandon myself. Or you, feeling stirred way down in your depth, might be frightened by such a feeling, and thinking it is I who poked you there, you might run from the most beautiful thing to come your way.

But like the summer sun I chase to feel it set on my face, I am not it, nor is it me. Yet between us rises and unrelenting beauty that no one can have, though we can’t live without it.”

* This was my inspiration, but I wanted to change my perception and the way in which I viewed his entry. I wanted to apply it to Oneself. Let me know how it goes for you!  

You are an angel, looking at an angel! We are all angels looking at other angels.