Going at the pace of ones body

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Slow down my sweet friend, it’s okay.  Go at the pace of the body.

What happens when one’s world has expectations, deadlines, appointments, things to do, things to get done, people depending on you, and people needing you?  What happens when your own inner dialogues are ones of worry, fast paced anxiety, guilt of not doing/being enough, personal expectations, and unworthiness?

SLOW DOWN and go at THE PACE OF THE BODY.  That place is SLOW! 🦥

What does it mean to go at the pace of the body?  What does that look like?

Recently, I learned in a very real way what it means to go at the pace of the body.  The experience happened during a trauma-informed, somatic Thai massage training that I took.  Read about it at the bottom! 

After having experienced incredible touch and healing, as well as being given the honor of giving such loving, healing touch, I am now going at the pace of the body.  As I integrate back into daily life, I witness how I am also choosing to go at the pace of the body as we all enter into the holiday season.  I invite you to do the same!

But how do we literally do this? What does it look like on a daily basis?

It can look big and it can look small. And we can also release the judgment that anything is “big” or “small”, “better than” or “less than”, because what it boils down to is asking ‘what is most loving for us’?  This will look very different from one Being to the next.

Going at the Bodies Pace Can Be:
  • Not rushing and instead leaving a little early, or accepting I am a little late.
  • Acceptance of what is, which means I might need to have a conversation with my inner critic.
  • Acceptance of myself; allowing myself to be who I am, instead of wearing the ‘mask’, and this means slowing down enough to feel into who I am and choosing how I want to express myself.
  • Slowing down my speech; talking in a mindful way that responds versus reacts.
  • Listening to my heart.
  • Noticing how I am emotionally feeling; then creating space to process the emotions when I can.
  • Not responding as quickly to text and emails. 
  • Doing a little less within my days so I have space to breathe, have moments to notice life, and to experience connections with family and friends.
  • Taking stairs at a slower pace; or choosing the elevator when available.
  • Doing a restorative pose to close my slower moving physical practice.
  • Turning off all screens and listening to the rain.
  • Listening to another.
  • Questioning what I’ve been taught, what’s been shown to me, and questioning how culture and societal expectations align, or do not align, with what is healthful for myself. 
  • Becoming clear on what is healthy for me.


Personally, this feels like a radical shift.

Yet, it also feels like the shift that is going to make my life sustainable, enjoyable, free, healthy, exciting, and where I get to bring my best self into all aspects of my life!  I can imagine what benefits this will bring to my work, my relationships, and my own happiness.

It’s of my own personal belief that I am part of one of the beginning generations that have begun to question the American pace of life and work.  What is the American norm of a work week? Perhaps you saw the NYTimes article released THIS September about the study and findings of a four-day work week?! 

It’s no wonder that the yoga industry has become just that, and industry. Today it is estimated to grow to $66.2 Billion Dollar as a global market by 2027!  Here are some other interesting facts for you about Yoga and why people do it; not surprising for stress release and happiness!

It is in only those moments of slowing down enough where awareness can open up. Inside that spaciousness of having the availability to be with what is in that moment. And then even beyond that, the gift of being able to ask oneself, “What do I need right now? What is this experience like for me right now?” This is how we begin to acknowledge what’s working and what’s not. This is how we begin to start designing the life that we want to be living.

Let me know how you will be slowing down this week and beyond!

All my love,


Breathe and Believe.

P.S. Slowing down does not mean you won’t get those things done.  It means you will do them on your own time, in your own way, while honoring others AND yourself!  Note: Others might need some time to adjust to your rhythm, and that’s ok.


The Thai Massage Training Experience to Soothe Your Soul:


Imagine, lying on a comfortable mat, the scent of a light citrus wafting through the air, and the most soulful soothing music playing.  Peace fills the energy of the room; a deep calm.

Then, warm, loving hands land in the soles of your feet and ground. They stay there for some time, but you’ve already lost the concept of time because you’ve begun to release. Your body has begun to slow down to its own pace, innate with the slow steadiness of life.

For the next 90 minutes you feel transported to some other place and time.  Where, you do not know, yet it is completely familiar. It feels safe. You feel welcomed.  Everything seems to have disappeared, all concerns gone.  

You’re able to finally be with the moment. You’re able to experience your body, be with your rolling breath, and hear your beating heart. At this moment, all is well.

This is the pace of the body, grounded and present. Slow and steady. Easeful and compassionately connected.

I feel my own belly softening right now! 🥹

*It was one of the most beautiful experiences that I’ve had lately. I feel lucky and blessed that it was a small group of four trainees with our incredible teacher, Sarah Seely.  Sarah has done with Thai massage, what I have been doing with yoga. For over 15 years she has focused on, and honed, her practices and learnings from teachers between the United States and Thailand.  She is now leading trainings from her Thai massage studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

I’m beyond honored and so grateful that I have finally been able to study with her.  She is an intuit, a professional, and a master.